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Old August 12th, 2015, 10:45 AM   #11
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I Ride: 13 hyperstrada, montesa trials, selling Duc 900 SS CR
Hi AFdude,

I have a '13 HS in standard height. The big benefit of the HS/HM platform is definitely your riding posture, meaning, typically what you will find is your wrists are fine, back is fine, neck is fine, knees are ok/fine, and your ankles are fine. My butt hurts after sitting on anything for more than 30 minutes, however, I recently switched to Ducati's Racing seat, which is more flat and a bit firmer and it allows me to switch more forward or more rearward depending on how I ride and feel. With the stock seat you are in one spot (the low point) in a sculpted seat, so sitting anywhere else is a bit odd. Also, you can easily stand up and ride on the HS to cool your vital parts and let your rear have a break... I do that regularly on longer rides.

I just did a one day (7 am to 5 pm) track day with CA Superbike School this week nearby to here. I then rode 3 hours home (1/3 of it in a downpour...). I had no pains, anywhere in my body except for my butt on the way home, which is basically opposed to any kind of sitting (I use a standing desk for work)... the next day my quads are a little sore from working a lot in one day, mostly on the track.. otherwise nothing is hurting. I think that says a lot in itself.

Heat from the bike is not really an issue for me. Of course, there is heat coming from the engine and from the pipe, but, unless I sit a long time at lights, I don't even notice it. I certainly don't notice it while riding. I think posture helps here too, because there is open air between your abdomen/chest and tank.

On the track I was expecting to have some issues with footpegs or at least brake and shift levers, not to mention the center stand dragging... My dealer mechanic set the sag with me on the bike earlier and I have just left it there.. Well, I did not scrape anything that I could notice. I had Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa's added just before the track day, as the stock tires were not used up, but might not have passed a tech inspection that was said to require "90% of tread remaining".... mine were about half used after about 4000 miles. The Supercorsas are really like superglue - not sure it's even possible to break the grip under power in dry conditions and "non-alien riding"... and I got into the "Supercorsa" lettering in the last 1/4 inch of the rear.. pics to follow..

For me, 70-75 is perfect for the highway. 80-90 is just a little buzzier (plus I try to avoid tickets..). The airflow is not really an issue at any speed, whether 75 or 110, for me. Ok, except when in buffeting air close behind trucks/big suvs, but then, what does work well there?... I use the taller Ducati windscreen and I like it better than stock. Some prefer the minimalist bikini screens, which I would like too on the hottest days. But, then it cools off at night again and it's nice to have some cover... (I wore all shirts I had brought on the way home last night from the track, under my perforated leather jacket..)

Obviously, you catch a lot of air being so upright and you have to be mindful to grip in a relaxed way on the rather wide bars so that wind is not inadvertently translated as steering inputs... I don't find it a problem, and I think the bike is incredibly stable at higher speeds, if you just let it do what only it knows how to do, much the way the CSS instructors explain - no steering input is needed/wanted to maintain the line it's already on... all you need is smooth throttle control!...

Luggage is also a real nice benefit to the Hyper family. 90% of the time I just use the top case, but if I was away for a week I would need all three bags. Be nice if they were waterproof, but at least they are light and look pretty good on the bike IMHO - hard to do that on anything from Ducati, short of the MS, which is a MUCH heavier/bigger bike. Well, you might want to consider the Multi, since you are taller, but for me light is right.. and the HS costs much less.

The HS needs a fork upgrade to be truly great. I did not spring for that yet (I want Mupo cartridges during this winter...), but mine also got much better after it was fully broken in. I think the HS 821 is a real gem - street or track - without any modifications.

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Old August 12th, 2015, 01:28 PM   #12
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I Ride: Monster 821, WR250F
Again, thanks for the feedback.

Some good news to report though. I received a call yesterday from my salesdude that I bought my current M821 from. He said he's going to put one of their in-stock Hypermotards into their demo program so I can get a test ride. Sweet!

Just so happens that I'll be hitting the forest on my WR250 tomorrow and the Ducati dealership is on the way back home. Hopefully I'll have test ride report tomorrow afternoon.

IF I decide to go that direction, the next stop step would be how to go about the transaction. This is probably opening a whole new can of worms, but is trading worth it? Or would you take your time and sell it? I know the Monster821 is hot around here. My dealer only has a couple in stock and there's nothing on the used market around Texas at all, which may be advantageous form me to sell privately.
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Old August 12th, 2015, 05:36 PM   #13
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I Ride: hyperstrada 821
Originally Posted by zippy49 View Post
You and I are nearly the same build, I am just over 6 foot with a 34" inseam. When I was fitted for my leathers (no off-the-rack suit fits me) the lovely young lady who measured me said I had an extra couple of inches in my shins and forearms.

The first time I sat on my 'Strada I fell in love. The sit-up-and-beg riding position is just perfect for me. I've done back-to-back 450 mile days on twisty back roads with no pain. And that ride was at speeds I do not care to admit!

When I sat on a Monster 821 the first thing I noticed was the exhaust pipe against my leg. No such problem on the 'Strada. It gets hot here too, especially around town, and the bike does not roast me like my Buell XBSs did.

Good luck on your trade-in...I don't think you would regret it.

BTW Last year I had a good hard ride on a friend's 800GS... felt pretty wimpy compared to the 821!
The bmw 800 twin is a total dog. It's almost an engineering feat in itself to take a fairly powerful twin and make it a total snooze fest.
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Old August 12th, 2015, 06:48 PM   #14
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Originally Posted by appliance821 View Post
The bmw 800 twin is a total dog. It's almost an engineering feat in itself to take a fairly powerful twin and make it a total snooze fest.
Yeah, but Bmw has all that engineering power behind them. No problem for them. Lol
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Old August 12th, 2015, 08:15 PM   #15
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Monsters are city bikes. If you bought that thinking it would be good on long trips, you were greatly mistaken.
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Old August 13th, 2015, 06:47 PM   #16
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I Ride: Monster 821, WR250F
So I got a quick test ride in today. My sales dude totally came through and got one put into their demo program. I rode it in touring mode, the same mode I ride in mostly in my M821. From the moment I pulled out of the parking lot I could tell there were some immediate differences that I like and dislike.

*The view! It's nice seeing over cars for once.
*Ergos! The entire reason why I'm here in this position. It felt so nice to have the balls of my feet on the pegs without having any movement or position impeded on by the rear sets. I Immediately liked the relaxed angles everywhere. I also showed up at the dealership on the way home from riding the trails on my WR. It felt like riding a very fast version of that.
*Turn-in. Wow.. Just think and it goes. You guys sure are right about that one.

*The seat. It was hard and felt my sit bones touch with every bump. (DP seat swap, right?)
*Acceleration. It didn't feel as quick as my M821. I also have a Termi slip on with flash so that might be what makes the difference.
*Suspension. Took a standard HM for a ride. I could feel the exact same stiffness in suspension as my M821. Not to be dismissed, just thought I would feel more plushness or travel.

Next Step:
Research! I'll be doing a lot more of that. Looks like if it's feasible, I'll be making my way towards the HM SP and add some HS flavor to make it more comfortable. I'm also waiting on a "ball park" figure for the value of my M821 for trade. That will totally sway which way I go. It would be foolish to throw away too much cash in this transaction.
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Old August 13th, 2015, 06:52 PM   #17
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I Ride: Monster 821, WR250F
Originally Posted by beef tits View Post
Monsters are city bikes. If you bought that thinking it would be good on long trips, you were greatly mistaken.
Agreed. I had some serious blinders on in the buying process. This is a damn expensive way to go about finding the bike you want. Perhaps I'll just sell the rest of my hobbies off and purchase a Hyper in addition to the Monster. Ha. Anyone know where a money tree is?
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Old August 13th, 2015, 07:27 PM   #18
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I Ride: Hyperstrada 821 - 2013, Hyperstrada 939 - 2016
I drive a Hyperstrada and had a test road with the Monster 821 and yes, I confirm that the Monster is more cramped. You will have more flexibility to move and space to stretch your legs with the Hyper. The Hs also feel more stable at the handle bar as well, though is still very precise and light to respond.
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Old August 14th, 2015, 04:29 PM   #19
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I Ride: '13 Hyperstrada,White
It takes a bit of saddle time, but, the saddle does break in. After about 2000 mi I noticed that it didn't hit my sitbones quite as hard and was quite comfortable. Did 6 hours of saddle time last saturday, no problems at all.
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Old August 17th, 2015, 01:26 PM   #20
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I Ride: anything I can get my hands on
There is a lot of difference between the saddle on a standard Hyper and the one on the 'Strada. I hated the former, love the latter. It does put you in more-or-less one spot, but it's a comfy one.
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