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Test ride

After a 170 mile test ride on roads including some motorway riding A roads & B roads I was able to note the following, this is only my own subjective opinions and observations for your info,

·Seating position is actually quite comfy , after 170 miles no numb bum

· Brakes are excellent

·Handling was very good , it felt really planted in the corners

·Engine was very responsive & torquey – especially in the twisties , the punch out of the corners was amazing

·Feels light & manoeuvrable (on and off the bike)

·Riding modes are good & easy to select on the move

·Clocks are easy to read & select information i.e. 2 x trips,MPG ,air temp,time etc,

·Good MPG considering the spirited riding, averaged 48mpg

·Tried the standard non-lowered version which was fine for me , i`m 5ft 6”, I wouldn’t even consider the lowered version (due to ground clearance issue) or low seat option ( this would compromise comfort )

·Booming exhaust note, even with the standard exhaust

·Wind protection was better than expected, I don’t think i`d consider a taller screen ( would have to test out in rain / bad weather to decide that one)

·Comes with a centrestand (for ease of cleaning / maintenance)

·2 x 25ltr Panniers complete with all mounting hardware

·2 x 12v sockets

·Slipper Clutch

·Hand Guards

·Large rear hugger

·Large front fender


·Mirrors not brilliant, they just about function, if it was my bike I would consider any aftermarket options to replace (especially for the daily commute)

·Throttle response is a little snatchy, Spoke to dealer about this who said this was one of the first batch & that the newer ones that they`ve had in are much better (due to updates from the factory)

·Rolls on in corners , probably due to the previous point but could also be that the throttle is very responsive

·Ground clearance could be an issue , right toe decked down going round a moderate right hander , would be something to be wary of whilst out riding

·seating position throws your legs out - more noticeable on the motorway causing slight strain / aching on thigh muscles , by the end of the day this wasnt noticeable, but the next day my thighs were slightly stiff

·strange feeling from the front of the bike, at speeds below 20mph the bike tries to track in a straight line (as if the head bearings were too tight) could be the tyres (will need to clarify) ,

·Clocks are low down, needing a good glance down to read

·Legs / knees may be a little exposed in the rain / bad weather (demo ride was in dry conditions)

Despite a few niggles , its overall an excellent bike that I would definitely consider buying , *will need to test ride the KTM SMT 990 , Tiger 800XC & Street Triple before putting my money down

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