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Originally Posted by philthymike View Post
The above only applies to the Hypermotard. I verified in the Hyperstrada owners manual that all ABS modes apply it to both wheels. Only other option is to turn it off.
...or reflash the bike to SP specs. Trouble is you'd still be in the highest power mode which doesn't do much for offroad. Not really a dirt bike so Urban with ABS off might be the best solution.
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Originally Posted by appliance821 View Post
...or reflash the bike to SP specs. Trouble is you'd still be in the highest power mode which doesn't do much for offroad. Not really a dirt bike so Urban with ABS off might be the best solution.
Engine TC and aggressiveness can be adjusted independently from ABS.
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Hmm... I have to say that the Hyper is on the bottom of the list for bikes I'd want to take offroading. Partly due to the twitchy stiff handling on 17" wheels, and partly due to the engine characteristics. It creates the opposite type of power from what you want to have offroad.

I've had to do a few short stints offroad and everything gets turned off: ABS and TC. You will crash in short order if you try keeping ABS on and doing any real offroading. My SP has the special front-only ABS and even that gets turned off.
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Its not an off road bike .....

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Originally Posted by stevebgt1 View Post
Its not an off road bike .....

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The owners manual for my Hypermotard begs to differ, at least in as much as stating off road riding is permitted :-)

Also this guy seems to think the bike does well offroad:
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I Ride: 2013 Hyperstrada
Whatever real off-roading may or may not be I found the Hyperstrada perfectly acceptable in my recent trip. My only big concern is the ground clearance which seems to be the only real limiting factor for what I want to do with the bike.
I rode it like a dirt bike and I wasn't disappointed by its performance. That said I'm not going to run out to the nearest motorcross track with it or try my luck at the Baja 1000 on it.
For riding fireroads, powerlines, coal mining areas it does fine as long as I remain conscious of the space between the ground and the bike.

I managed to bottom the suspension out a few times with the result of the center stand digging into the ground. I am weighing the benefit of keeping it on the bike vs removal for off-road riding. I think with a skidplate I could get away with removing it.

Regarding the engine performance I had no trouble with it off-road. I rode as though it was a two stroke. I chugged it along or I opened the throttle up for powerband. Even in Urban mode it was easy to override the DCT with enough throttle to achieve wheel spin when I needed it. And my what trenches it leaves behind

there's some aspect of twitchyness but it isn't unlike a tall dual sport bike like a big XL/XR. In my time with riding a XL650 I have found that it's capable off-road but only to a point where it's height and twitchyness work against it. Same with the HS. It seems a matter of finding your personal limit of comfort.

During my trip my biggest complaint is that the bike is tough to turn around in tight spots where you aren't getting much traction with your feet due to soft ground. Sometimes it is best to get off and manhandle it. This can get tiring after hitting enough dead-ends.

Sometimes it helped to sit up on the pillion part of the seat when negotiating muddy surfaces. This seemed to reduce instability especially if there was rockyness under the mud. Probably simply a matter of more traction in back with extra weight over the rear.

While standing up isn't comfortable in the long run for shorter stretches of chop it really helps with twichyness until you have to go very slow. then it aggravates it.

I find the bike capable of what I need it for. I am exceptionally happy with my purchase. I have a do it all machine which kicks-ass and takes names in the city, is pleasant enough for shorter distance touring, commutes like a champ and lets me be a mud covered hooligan in the wilds. Sure it isn't the absolute best at any of these things but I feel the bike is engineered remarkably well enough to handle it all in stride.

I'm STILL waiting on my clutch cable. when I have the bike rolling again I will be testing out some of the ideas presented to me regarding ABS and DCT. It all looks to be helpful and I appreciate the advice very much.

Also see picture. Much of riding in the city of Philadelphia is like riding off-road anyways. Dirt, construction debris, trolley tracks, metal plates, sinkholes, washboard, truck eating potholes, mud puddles etc. etc.
In town is as bad or worse than offroad in the mountains. And Scabby agrees!
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