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Old August 1st, 2017, 02:12 PM   #1
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hyperstrada away.. yamaha to play

Been having some difficulties with my hyper electrics - great support from ducati but its been off the road for about 10 weeks in 52! Most depressing

So while the hyper is away, have got a new mt09.

Just wanted to share thoughts! Not a strict comparison by class, but similar engine size, grip, torque, BHP, riding position, seemed worth a note

Hyper breaks and clutch are not nice in comparison, the Yamaha clutch is super-consistent. But the Ducks ride-feel is still superb, I ride the Yamaha wondering, 'is this as good as the hyper?'.

Despite the flash of the mt09, the hyper has a way sexier bum (and single sides swing arm) and engine... and also a comfier saddle. With the Yamaha you have to see it from behind just to grasp how wide the engine is, the casing juts out as far as the pegs - its muscular, but not sophisticated. The yams headlights are prettier though, the whole transformer-face thing has really grown on me and now I think the hypers one eye is a little soft.

I think the hyper is actually faster through bends the way I ride and I have a better feel for what's happening, but the Yamaha feels more planted and a little quicker in and out. Linear nature of the brake control helps there a lot in my opinion.

The Yamaha fuelling is so slick and I'm sure its got more go than the 821. Its not that the duc isn't, by the way, but you have to try the Yam just to see.

Ride position is not that far off but the saddle could have had some cushion in it! The mt09 controls are great and tcs/ride modes are independent , but it is also less configurable (2tcs settings vs like 7? I quite like not having a screen... keeps casual riding slower, but on a motorway its tough!

Tone... they both sound outstanding (yams has an akrapovic), again, not comparable but they both sound sporty, ready and potent! The yam gets really growly and throaty under load.

Depending on how sale on the duc goes I may end up having to keep both and from the heart that would be the ideal, both awesome bikes!

Hope that tells you something, but it is entirely my opinion.
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Old August 2nd, 2017, 05:02 AM   #2
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Good comparison!

Great write-up of the two bikes! I agree with pretty much everything you said.

Difference is I just sold my '16 Yamaha FJ-09 and bought a '16 Duc Hypermotard 939. Yamaha is a much better quality finish, clutch, brakes and engine power are far superior.

Ducati has the "x factor" that cant be quantified though, doesn't make sense when compared side-by-side but I still wouldn't go back! There is just something about a twin, even if it makes less power, that can't be matched by any other configuration V-4, triple or whatever is the flavor of the month.
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