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Old March 4th, 2018, 02:47 AM   #1
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From: Orcas Island/Chiang Mai
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I Ride: '13 Hyperstrada
Four years stock. Time to upgrade. Thoughts?

After four years of running my '13 Hyperstrada completely stock I've finally decided to do some upgrades. Thanks everybody who's contributed to this forum and helped me discover some great options. I'll be ordering the airbox from Giuseppe, add the low Termi, powder coat the wheels silver, add the Puig touring screen and probably choose the RapidBike EVO system.

I've simply dealt with the idiosyncratic nature of the bike. I learned how to ride it and now just ride it for what it is. However, having been through many of your discussions, and having been around some really snarly Duc's lately, I've decided it's time to enhance this already spectacular machine.

Low Termi. For me, it's the best and most natural looking option. There's no doubt it sounds good, right? $1100, half price from original, but still expensive. But it's a Ducati, it's supposed to have a Termi. And it's homologated.

Rapidbike EVO. From what I've read here, it seems this is the most logical solution to all the aforementioned indiosyncracies. And since I plan to start tinkering, I can play around with the software. Any down sides to the product? I previously worked as a racing mechanic on club formula cars, and burned myself out on turning wrenches. I'm also not savvy enough technologically to install or tune this myself. So what exactly needs to be done and who's the best to do it? I live in W. WA.

Puig Touring screen. I put a version of this screen on my CB500X (which is for sale to pay in part for a Monster 821). It made a huge difference for buffeting and wind noise. I hope it's as good on the Hyper. Anyone experience this screen? It's acrylic so it's possible to buff out scratches. I'll take the clear as sometimes when you're on sketchy ground or in tight traffic it's really beneficial to see through it. I care much more for function these days than form. I think most screens look silly on bikes. So one day I took mine off and tossed it in the closet and took off to work four hundred miles away. Big mistake. I'll still take off this one when I'm tooling around home.

Giuseppe Starace's carbon airbox. Looks brilliant and is purported to perform as well. I suppose it should considering his tenure at Ducati Corse. He's suggested several different filters for the application. What are your thoughts on the best option for the new air filter?

Powder coating wheels. Never done this before. Any tips?

This Hyper was my first Ducati after a run of CBR's. I'm totally converted. To furnish the rest of the story, I've never experienced any clutch issues. Actually the only issue I've ever had was the throttle control sensor and it was replaced under warranty.

I put on Shinko's 705 tires and love them for their tread as I live two miles up an unpaved road, which some have called a 'goat trail'. But they were stretched a bit in order to mount and lost height in the profile. The bike is not half as fun as with the Scorpion Trails. They did their bit but I'm switching back to the Pirellis, probably in the Scorpion Trail II.

There is no other bike that compares to the Hyperstrada. It's in a class of its own and has a uniqueness paired with its excellent build quality that culminates to a motorcycle that gets a solid 10/10 for me. I did ride the Aprilia Dorsoduro, but it had no real impression on me, and it seemed chintzy. No bike is perfect so anything we do to fix (enhance) it is up to the individual tastes of riders. But on the whole, this bike is perfect for me and may I dare say the best bike ever made. I dare, but it's only my humble opinion. To each their own.

Hey thanks in advance to any responders. This is my first post to any forum ever. It seems like a cool place though, with like minds (for the most part).
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Old March 4th, 2018, 06:42 AM   #2
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Keep us posted on your updates, i’m Really curious to see the Hyper wheels in silver.
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Old March 4th, 2018, 08:52 AM   #3
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The Rapidbike evo is a good choice. Easy to install. I would recommend a tune even once you get it though, the stock map isn't that good.

I thought about powdercoating my wheels too, it would look good I bet. I would probably go with a dark gunmetal like this: https://www.carid.com/images/bbs-whe...clear-coat.jpg It hides brake dust pretty well.

Check out the MRA windscreen. I think it looks good and it does work pretty well.

The low termi does look good. It's still got a cat so probably you won't notice any power difference other than the noise.
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Old March 4th, 2018, 09:38 AM   #4
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I Ride: anything I can get my hands on
I would go after the suspension first. Also the clutch, once the valtermotousa eBay seller gets some more of Kuksul's kits.

After that I would get some proper street rubber on there... I like my Q3s. They work just as well offroad as the Scorpions did.

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Old March 6th, 2018, 07:05 AM   #5
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for me, it is suspension first, and, after that, whatever you feel better..

i also have ordered the intake, and, if anyone is interested, it seems giuseppe will be out for a year... so be quick...
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Old March 6th, 2018, 07:57 AM   #6
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I Ride: 16 Honda CRF250l, 2016 Hyperstada 939
Here is what I did on my 939.

Ducati tail tidy

Rizoma 3D mirrors (they actually have very poor visibility but they look great)

Renazaco Hypermotard Racing seat. Big time upgrade. I had the factory low touring and after a 100 miles or so I couldn't squrim to any comfortable position.

Mupo K 911 fork cartridge. Incredible upgrade, expensive.
Ohlins TTX35. See above

Termi complete exhaust. Airbox mod and remap.

If you do anything to this bike the suspension and termi are a must. They completely change the bike.
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Old March 6th, 2018, 01:43 PM   #7
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I Ride: 2015 Hypermotard, 2018 Hypermotard SP
All I've done so far is replace the mirrors, bars, levers and bark busters. Most of that was to address the bike getting knocked over. This year may be the year I shoot the lock off my wallet and do suspension and maybe exhaust work.
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Old March 8th, 2018, 08:37 AM   #8
Joined: Feb 2018
From: Orcas Island/Chiang Mai
Posts: 45

I Ride: '13 Hyperstrada
At first, I thought na I don't need the suspension! But then I read all the posts and descriptions of the new feeling versus the factory setup. I'm looking into the Mupo single cartridge. They have many different products for the Hyperstrada and this is how they responded when I asked which one I would need:

"we ask you kindly to send us some photo of your fork and of the footleg (from various points of view). We need also the lenght of the fork from under the cup to central axis of the wheel, so we can understand the best product to suggest you.
We wait for further infos,
best regards,"

Maybe you guys have already figured this all out. I have the standard seat 2013 Hyperstrada.

Also they have an option for Hyperstrada 821 (Kayaba). Haven't heard this mentioned before. Were some bikes fitted with alternate parts? Anyone have that story?

RSL thinks it's a must to do the rear as well, but I'm not interested in spending the whole upgrade budget all on suspension. $500 or so for the front fork cartridge sounds reasonable. Can I leave the rear alone?

Ordered the airbox from Giuseppe. Yeah he's gone for the season at the end of this month. Will be back in Autumn. Favorite air filter?

And then the low Termi and the flapper delete, right? What about cat delete with Termi slip on? Paired with either RB EVO or the new Termi UPMAP?

N4te, do it! I've been inspired by the Monster 821. I rode a stock one and it was way different, I mean better. Granted it was in Thailand, not sure how different they can be in foreign markets. I think the factory maps are different and also Ducati has had a handful of years now to tweak and improve the electronics. And another couple Ducatis here in SE Asia that blew me away. I want my 821 to be like that. And soon it will be. One of those 821 bikes had a Competition Werkes GP muffler. Sounded ridiculously good, although too loud for an everyday bike. Here's one for our beloved.
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Old March 8th, 2018, 11:46 AM   #9
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I Ride: 13' Hyperstrada, 00' M900Sie
Originally Posted by Tyjamo View Post
Favorite air filter?
Check out the Sprint Filter. It's a smaller micron filter than K&N, but it's dry. Easier to clean and better filtration. Seems to work really well in my bike, and it's also made in Italy.
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Old March 9th, 2018, 03:50 AM   #10
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From: england
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Four years stock. Time to upgrade. Thoughts?-dscf2197.jpg

Four years stock. Time to upgrade. Thoughts?-img_0586.jpg[attach][attach]
Originally Posted by m00se View Post
keep us posted on your updates, i’m really curious to see the hyper wheels in silver.
oh and for gods sake do not powder coat hyperstrada wheels as they crack very easily (i had 2 separate rear wheels crack a spoke after powder coating them) and the front wheel was like soft cheese .
if you are changing the colour make sure you paint them.

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