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Daily commuter for 10 years

So after trying out the Multi 950 and loving it and trying out the Hyperstrada as well, a used 2016 Hyperstrada came up for sale and I pulled the trigger on it. I'm now a proud Ducati owner and my god do I love this bike. It does leave me with a few questions as I'm defiantly not a Ducati officianado and this is the first time I will be owning a motorcycle for riding basically year round. So that being said...

1) Is there any precautions for maintenance you guys would advice for a Hyper that is going to get ridden in the rain routinely?

2) Chain lube of choice? As this is basically my first child I could use some pointers on how to raise her. I have done a lot of reading around the forums but I'm still coming up short on some answers, hence the questions.

3) I'm confident with a wrench but I've only ever changed the oil on my previous motorcycles. Someone told me that working on a Ducati isn't like any other bike and requires special tools? Is there truth to this?

I'll be coming back with more questions and hopefully contribute to this forum over the years to come. The wife said the next bike you own better be one for the next 10 years. Here is hoping I made the right choice!
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You made a choice, that is a good thing. 10 years depends on how well maintained she is, just like the wife, but I think you did well. If you're not used to maintaining your own bike(s), and you can afford to have your dealer do it, that's great. But if you do it yourself, it's not difficult at all, the difficult part is resetting the service reminders. Also, the recommended oil change interval is a bit too steep at every 9000 miles, maybe if you are a very careful rider, that may save you some money and you can follow the recommended routine. I do mine at about 4,500, but ymmv. I think Ducati's have their own character, a little quirky at times, but they are extremely fun to ride. I've owned a 900ss, 749s, and now the 16 hyper just like you. Love(d) them all. Fun and easy to work on bikes. Just search or post as things come up.
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