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Old May 11th, 2019, 05:57 AM   #11
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Joined: May 2017
From: Philadelphia USA
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I Ride: 2013 Hyperstrada, 2007 LS650
When I was commuting to work on my HS I hated it until I got the clutch upgrade installed. After that getting stuck in stop and crawl traffic got much easier. At that point I realized that she's really a nearly perfect and practical commuting bike for longer commutes. I think if I had sprung for the heated grips she then would be the perfect commuter.
Taking the bike out into the mountains and riding the steep winding backroads up there is super fun on the Hyperstrada. This is where she excels by far.
But the long ride out to the mountains is not so fun on her....
But riding downtown through the cratered and artillery blasted streets of Philadelphia she absolutely shines. With a pair of knobby tires better suited to Philly's road conditions you can outrun pretty much everybody except for the dual sport riders and blitz through town like you've caught fire. When everyone else is slowly negotiating the potholes, washboard, construction and sinkholes to avoid being swallowed whole the HS gracefully floats over most of it.

Since installing the aftermarket touring screen I have no difficulties at all with sustained 90 mph interstate rides. I've come to feel that on the open road this bike is happiest running about 90. And on the East Coast that's about the minimum speed you need to ride to avoid being run down by road raging lunatics and mentally challenged fast+furious kiddies with their weed-wacker powered hatchbacks.

And then there's off-roading. It can be done but it's where this bike loses much of her grace and dignity. Small wheels, low ground clearance, high weight and wide turning radius limit the scope to dirt roads and open fields. Going down trails is no fun at all. After the 10th time of having to manhandle the bike through a tight 12 point u-turn to avoid some trail obstacle the bike cannot negotiate trails just become a source of pain and exhaustion. Fire roads and unmaintained unpaved public roads are all good fun though.

I'm in an undecided fork in the road with my HS. I no longer commute with the bike. I can't manage long distance riding on her for long periods of time and I can't do serious off-roading with her. The mountains are too far away for me to go enjoy riding there often. And on the local backroads I actually prefer my Suzuki LS650. The HS makes these roads feel too easy.
So I'm giving myself until next riding season to find a new use for her. And if none can be found I'm probably going to start looking for a sport touring bike to replace her.

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Old May 12th, 2019, 11:18 PM   #12
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From: Naples, IT
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I Ride: 2013 White Strada
Despite my negative comments, it's the perfect bike for me because:

-Multi: Would fill my highway itch but kinda ugly and I'd have to drop way too much to spec the way I want.
-GS: Tech at the dealership I bought the Strada from had a couple Bimmer's. He said it did everything very well but just wasn't very exciting. I chalked that up to maybe couple more years down the road as I'm still a bit of a hooligan.
-KTM: The Adventure is probably superior for touring, but a little too GS-like for my taste. The Super Duke was on my short list but, probably have the same highway touring complaints (with much smaller paniers).

I also don't want a windscreen bigger than the touring one I have fitted. So, I conscientiously take the wind blast at speed.
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Old May 13th, 2019, 09:36 PM   #13
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From: Orcas Island/Chiang Mai
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I Ride: '13 Hyperstrada
I went for a ride this morning. My love for the Dragoness has been reinvigorated. First ride after running in the new Diablo Rosso III's. I shed the dead Shinko 705's, changed the oil, new battery, wet wash, chain clean/lube. Shes alive and about to click 12k miles. While downtown getting rubber I took out the Hyper950SP. The ride was no good because it was in the city and 5 o clock. But I didnt feel a single urge to consider anything rash. My eye was keen on the Multistrada 1260S in grey with gold wheels. 5 years with the bike and I love it as much as day one. Will always keep it. But I'll take a Multi for crushing some continents, and a Monster for everyday badassery.
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