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Old May 22nd, 2014, 10:59 AM   #51
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Originally Posted by gatdammit View Post
Look what you guys have done to this forum. Can't you just crucify him privately or on another forum? We're just guys that like our Ducati's. You saw an almost immediate negative reaction from all that commented when he posted it. So, can you kindly take the fight somewhere else. We didn't condone or protect him in anyway.
Look at what we've done to this forum? PhantomFighter chose this forum, not any of us who have joined to comment, blame him. It's a single thread, for crying out loud. Ignore it.
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Old May 23rd, 2014, 02:10 AM   #52
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Originally Posted by gatdammit View Post
Kindly object, Monstard. My take:

The rider was wearing full clothing and a helmet, so he had no idea it was an older gentlemen, as it's being posited he was targeting someone older and weaker. All he saw was a man on a phone, on a bike.

To me, it's obvious he was attempting to frighten the rider - I think he had a number of video's on his channel where he goosed the throttle to get a distracted driver's attention. Only in this instance, he misjudged and made contact. Would any of you really purposely sacrifice your exotic and prized motorcycle to make a point? His demeanor was calm leading up to the contact.

No, it's his handling of the matter post-contact that is shameful. My instinct would have been to help the rider and apologize, regardless of fault, and settle the blame once safely off to the shoulder so traffic could resume. Posting the video and bragging about it was obviously in poor taste but, hey, the web is a cold bitch- sometimes she bites you.

I get the feeling the attacks on him are coming from a very dedicated group of cyclists; cyclists that probably hate all motorized traffic in their city. I bet they don't mind seeing video posted of bikers getting tickets or in accidents. Avid cyclists in the States can get such an attitude of entitlement on our roads that they sometimes taunt you to hit them. And I'm speaking about rural, single-lane county roads in heavy traffic.

Finally, the cell phone use should be singled out. Anyone else almost been killed by someone talking or texting? If no, I have plenty of close calls to loan you. I'm constantly getting people's attention and giving them signs to put the device down and pay attention, though I do it in much more gentlemanly fashion.

I think Phantom will have learned his lesson. But how far will the digital lynch mob take it? Posting pictures of his personal life and license plate have the trappings of a bad final outcome.
hi, gatdammit. no worries from me here and thank you for your comment. i debated on just sending you a PM but i also wanted the rest to know that i do not favor the mob-mentality things are turning out to be nor my intention to tarnish this forum with my personal gripes concerning a misdeed. i do not wish to "fan the flame", so to speak. it was a fellow member's ignorance that did it, posting a detestable video and bragged about it here like he did something heroically funny, like it was "cool stuff". i believe some policing in the forum is in order, lest we (ducati owners) be stereotyped in the worst possible way. i understand moderators can not watch every single post 24/7 because they also have day jobs and their personal lives and watch the NBA or the NFL. but i hope this issue come to their attention and take necessary action if just to send a message that we are good guys and the action of one sick ducati owner is not representative of the rest of us. i also truly believe that this forum should ONLY be about the bike that we love. not about hateful stuff or anything else

i can see from both sides of the fence. all my cycling buddies are motorists too, some of them own fancy bikes and cars, still a handful are ducati owners and belong to groups such as bmw society, desmo owners club, land rover nuts, etc. we spend as much time cycling as much as riding our favorite motorized toys. so it is not true (at least for our part) that we wish ill against people in motorized transports. i hope this issue doesn't turn out to be an "us against them" kind of thing because that would really be unfortunate

i share your suspicion that most of the hateful stuff posted here (other than my own) are from people who just joined in just to be part of the mob. i admire one poster who even admitted it in his post (not the mob part). i can understand their grief because they could easily have been the victim. when not riding my bike, i take my wife and 2 teenage sons cycling on weekends. many a times we have to traverse public roads just to get to a park safe for cycling. while i impress on my boys the danger of celfons and getting distracted and doing wheelies on busy streets, teenage kids have a tendency to sneak one up on you. i cringe at the thought that there are bikers out there like our friend here, lurking and waiting to strike at first "target of opportunity" he sees. God forbid. cycling on our roads is sort of Darwin's theory of evolution in progress... dangerous enough even without our predator on a ducati

my apologies if i offended anyone with my posts. i recommend that we all go back to regular programming and put this behind us. from the cycling forums, i gather the police have already been notified of the incident so let's just allow justice take its due course. mods should close down this thread since the fellow who started this has already made it his business to shut down the links to all the videos that had him start this thread anyway. if not, then i think we should just let it die a natural death... this thread, i mean, not the guy who started this. to those who just joined in, you're welcome to stay as long as you buy a hyperstrada
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Old May 23rd, 2014, 02:11 PM   #53
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shit got real:

LiveLeak.com - Ducati Dragons motorcyclist knocks over cyclist in London, blames victim and misleads police
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Old May 23rd, 2014, 04:41 PM   #54
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Fantastic. Does that mean you'll leave now?
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