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Originally Posted by Hyp Noob View Post
Andy Goldfine has upgraded the pads he uses a few times over the years, AFAIK.
Maybe not the best, but in the real world I live in ... it's not bad protection.

I've witnessed some fairly horrific get offs where rider(s) wore Aerostich ... and the riders came out remarkably well.

Here is a good collection of reprobates from around here. Lots of collective experience (and hospital time) in this sample group. Could all these guys be wrong?

Looks like cult of some sort :-) 2 kinds of people in the world, those who wear aerostich and those who don't.

I buy armor from people who specialize in it (knox etc.) and stuff it in the gear I have. One thing I did last year was to buy a ce 2 single piece chest protector (A-star), and attached it with velcro on it and my motogp grid jacket.

The chest is the neglected part, and if you think about it, is a most likely first impact, and this impact is the major cause of survivable death. $40.00 well spent.

Knees: I use fox racing knee guards. They fit under jeans, stay in place, really comfy. A compromise in some ways, but don't trust in pant knee armor to be there.

The reason I'm thinking of the hit air air bag, is that I ride alone in remote-ish places and want to not be immobilized. One area it can really help is the ribs. Hard to find street armor that prevents your elbows from being driven in and cracking them. The neck protection is nice too, but I have a brace currently.

No one answer here - comes down to what a person is comfortable with, and what you'll really wear all day every day.
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Old May 5th, 2017, 10:46 AM   #32
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Aerostich is 4 hours from my house. I'd love one of their suits, if I could afford it.
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Old May 5th, 2017, 12:17 PM   #33
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Aerostich has smoking hot deals on returned suits. Just call them.
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Old June 2nd, 2017, 03:37 PM   #34
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I Ride: 2005 749, 2015 Hyperstrada
So after close to 2000 miles with my Helite Adventure Jacket I must say I am extremely pleased with this jacket. First of all the jacket is very very well made (would only change one thing more on this later). All the pockets are very usable so much so that I have developed a system to compartmentalize the storage and designate pockets for specific stuff (insert your loving OCD remarks here ). I rode in the rain and temperatures of 9C and the jacket with the warm layer on has proven to be quite good (for reference I also wore a plain long sleeve shirt and a thin cotton pullover under the jacket). The ventilation is excellent ... with all this gear on when I hit temps of 19-22C I just opened the vents and kept on going ... The vents are quite well placed and selective opening of the vents allows one to control the ventilation and temp inside the jacket ... The jacket is very heavy ... I have thick leather racing suits that weigh less ... This being said its like a knight's armor ... you put it on ... bitch that its heavy ... get on the bike, ride and you forget all about it ... The velcro strips around the waist and the arms are also very useful and well placed and once again selective opening allows the cooling of the arms but not ingress of cold air in the body of the jacket ... the velcros around the waist allow the back of the jacket to be tight against the lower back and for the ones that have lower back problems like myself you know how nice that is ... So now to the only thing I would change ... there is a little "snap button" (dont know the proper term) at the lowest end of the jacket ... when you click that and try to swing your leg over the bike that button will either raise the entire jacket up or pop open ... after a few of these instances I broke the button off and although it didn't come clean off ... still there and haven't lost it yet I resorted to not use that anymore ... To conclude ... this is an awesome piece of kit ! If anyone is thinking about getting one I would say without hesitation it is a great investment ...

As an addendum ... AGV Telluride pants (50% crap)
Puma Goretex boots (90% crap)
LS2 Carbon Helmet (90% crap ... visor mechanism screws came loose during the ride had to stop and snug them up ... noise isolation ... what noise isolation .... decent airflow and very light )


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