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RSL June 13th, 2015 06:55 AM

Delayed Power-Up for Tankbag Farkles
I've encountered an issue with powering-up electronic farkles with turning on the ignition key, then starting the bike. Especially affected is the Garmin GPS.

I purchased a tiny inline power delay to protect my goodies.

Adjustable delayl ON or OFF timer . 1 sec to 4 hours [unvdelay] - $14.95 : 3rd Brake Flasher Web Site


I set the delay using the two white wires, to about 40 seconds.

Now, the bike is turned on, starts, then voltage has a moment to return to normal, then the farkles are supplied with power.


Garmin GPS, Motochello Entertainment System, Kenwood B2B GMRS Radio, Escort Redline Detector and USB charger.

gatdammit June 13th, 2015 07:36 AM

That's more junk than I have running in my car. Have you checked you voltage with all that gear running? Seems like it would be a heavy strain on the alternator. There was an old thread that broke down make available volts.

RSL June 13th, 2015 08:11 AM

It's not volts but amps. The Motochello Entertainment is 200 milliamps, the GPS something 10 watts and the Escort at full alert power is 560 milliamps, 250 milliamps most of the time.

The Hyperstrada generator is 540 watts. at 14 volts.

10 watts GPS
3 watts Redline - full alert
2.4 Watts - Motochello

15.4 watts or less than 1.3 amps

Each power outlet is designed for 4 amp load, 8 total.

RSL June 13th, 2015 08:16 AM


Well, I enjoy having a GPS, just like the normal Ducati option. The 590 works better for me because is is visible in direct sunlight, and has TPM built-in.

I also enjoy listening to the music on my iPhone while riding.

There is nothing safer than having B2B communication when riding with my friends on our week long adventures.

But then, I recall riding in the 1970s without these farkles. Even in the 1980s I added B2B radio for riding, so that's nothing new. Added GPS in the 1990s. Added music in the 2000s.

gatdammit June 13th, 2015 09:43 AM

My bad. I didn't mean to imply it was junk. I don't do much long hauling on my bike so no need for most of that equipment. When I do, have a good bar mount for my phone- GPS/ tunes/ calls in one. I have Sena comm set but prefer my BT headphones for hwy travel.

But coming from someone who lost there license more than once to speeding tickets as a kid, and talking to many cops over the years, radar detectors are useless if they really want to get you.

RSL June 13th, 2015 10:19 AM

I started using radar detectors in the 1970s with the Fuzz Buster. Effective detector use requires an understanding of the equipment LEOs have, capabilities and limitations. Cat & Mouse game. But then, since I always follow every speed limit, tickets aren't an issue. The detector is just for entertainment.

My most enjoyable riding is in places with little to no cellphone service. Backcountry twisty mountain roads. Day after day of little to no traffic, countless corners and stunning vistas. The GPS allows me to create routes ahead of time on the computer and follow them on the multi-day rides.

The small amount of power consumption will be compensated for with the exchange of the H4 headlight bulb with a 20w LED bulb. That's a 35 watt savings.

I plan to exchange the battery with a 16 cell Antigravity Ducati sized one.

beef tits June 15th, 2015 07:03 AM

Who needs all that crap anyway?

RSL June 21st, 2015 06:02 AM

Who needs a motorcycle? Who needs any accessory over a base vehicle? Who needs an iPhone, when a basic Walmart Trackphone would make and receive phone calls just fine?

Differentiating between wants and needs, I find there are things I want to add to my motorcycles while on my multi-day backcountry twisty road rides.

Don't want any bike powered farkles? Good for you. Saves money and effort to keep it simple.

The times I've been in the middle of a National Forest, watching the sun start to set, not sure the best way out, a GPS would have been helpful. I now always ride with a GPS. The rest of the farkles are for my own enjoyment.

RSL June 21st, 2015 06:08 AM

Ducati offers a Garmin 390 GPS as an option. Comparing the use of the 590 with the 390 I found that Mr. GPS had the best information about usefulness while riding in bright sunlight.


With the seating position of the Hyperstrada, the orientation of any GPS face will challenge riders.

The added feature of the 390 or 590 is the built-in tire pressure monitor capability.

RSL June 21st, 2015 06:18 AM

I started riding back when there were still Harleys and Triumphs being ridden off-road.

It would be easy for me to ask why anyone needs fuel injection, electric starters, tubeless tires, water cooled, etc...

Each of the electric powered farkles I add to each motorcycle have added a new level of enjoyment to my ride.

Much like the use of power tools in the garage, when the trusty old hand tools would work just fine, my choices in motorcycle additions are worthwhile to me. Each based on many years of trial and error.

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