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Old January 21st, 2016, 08:12 AM   #11
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I wired speakers on my hyper, and although it only pulls a few amps of current, my way still works.

What I did was use an automotive relay which are very cheap and can sometimes be found for free. They typically have enough current rating for whatever you'd like to install. I tapped into switched power coming off the diagnostic plug underneath the seat and the power and ground is directly from the battery. I used corrugated tubing to route the wires along the left side of the fuel tank where there is a fuseblock behind the fairing. The fuseblock has a few missing ports inside that you can find the correct electrical connectors and install your own blade fuse.

It is the same method that eastern beaver uses, but it is essentially free if you can find some wire, a relay, and a bladed fuse.
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Old February 28th, 2016, 01:18 PM   #13
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Hello everyone.

I had install a DX Denali kit on my Hperstrada today. In theory is a Dual Intensity set, but my surprise was that the High beam doesn't works.

I have used as trigger the cables from the headlight, following the electrical schematics. The cables almost doesn't reach, but finally I was able to connect everything well addresed. Definitelly is complicate to place the cables on such tight space on this bike.

After check that nothing exploded (:-)), I realize that just the normal light works properly. In fact finally, after many attemps, I have tested with a multimeter and I don't have power on one of the cables of the connectar. Which means that the main suspected here is the controler box... in any case, do you have any other idea or suggestion?

One further question: Which is the meaning of switched power... in this case? I connect the white wire to the low beam cable... perhaps needs to be connected to a position light instead? Because the low beam of the Denaly works properly, so I assume (perhaps wrongly) that the problem is the high beam, which is definitelly strange.
I bet that I have done any stupid mistake... more than a problem on the set of lights

Best regards from Barcelona, and many thanks in advance.
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aux, lights

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