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astrocortex July 10th, 2016 03:04 PM

Clutch micro switch part #?
Does anyone know the part number for the micro switch located on the clutch lever? 2013 strada.

I've gone through the parts breakdown abou to 20 times and while it is pictured on several pages, there is no mention of it.

kuksul08 July 10th, 2016 03:53 PM




astrocortex July 11th, 2016 04:10 AM

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Thank you! Where did you get that? Even the one I got on ducatis website doesn't list it.

kuksul08 July 11th, 2016 01:28 PM

Right from the parts fiche for the 14 hyper sp

astrocortex July 11th, 2016 03:17 PM

I wonder why it isnt there for the strada? that is odd. thanks so much. ordered one this morning!

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