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Old March 15th, 2017, 06:20 PM   #31
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Originally Posted by flik View Post
They didn't check the throttle control, but you'll need to educate me on the CANBUS filter recall.

I haven't heard of anything like that. It's a Hyperstrada 939. Should I have had that looked in to?
I didn't know you had a 939. I'm not sure if those apply to you then. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to call them and check your VIN for recalls.

The throttle recall is a replacement of certain part number assemblies.

I had my throttle seemingly stuck open a couple of times like you describe. Going along on the road, rolling off the throttle, and no speed change. After the recall, I haven't had that issue back.

The CANBUS recall may work its way into the 939 series.

There seems to be some sort of either a power feedback, or stray voltage put into the CANBUS system. Some report that it may have been from the front ignition coil. What happens is that the coils, dash, black box, and possibly other parts may get fried in the process.

It hasn't seemed to affect a great many on this board, but there have been a number of members that this happened to.
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Old March 15th, 2017, 11:57 PM   #32
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better to check, but my 939 (late 2016) is not affected of the CANBUS filter recall, only my 821
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Old March 16th, 2017, 01:30 AM   #33
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Wow.. this thread went sideways in a hurry.

Anyways the CANBUS filter TSB is only on the 821's to prevent the dashboard electronics from self destructing, causing the known to us "Christmas Tree of Death".

The Throttle Position Sensor replacement (& Update) from what I know is only on the specific part number throttle assembly. So if that P/N was installed on any Ducati, then you can get a free replacement. I suspect the OP's 939 hypers throttle issue might have been affected by either a bad throttle assembly, possible bad fuel (mine HATES 94 octane fuel), possible ecu tuning or calibration with the dual throttle body synchronization.

The fabled warping bodywork, I would still LOVE to see the pictures detailing the problem.

Which part of the front fairing is loose? Just the painted cover, or the base? It is possible to install the front cover incorrectly if the wiring isn't in it's proper spot, or if the tabs on either side of the headlight assembly aren't in their proper spot..

The buzzing.. or rattles.. unfortunately, all bikes from every manufacturer rattle and buzz in their own respective ways. My 2004 Yamaha WR450 had a nasty almost knock sound coming from the motor after I installed an aftermarket metal skid plate.. turns out that was just the design of the motor causing the noise, so the easiest solution was to remove the plate so I couldn't hear it anymore. Boy, don't get me started on Subaru's with squeaks, rattles, buzzes and ticks.. That's a conversation that never ends well.

The disappearing oil... well there's a reason I do my own maintenance on my bikes, especially the day to day servicing stuff.. I like to know how much oil I'm putting into my motor.. I like to know those brake caliper bolts are torqued.. However I do have a few years under my belt of schooling and turning wrenches, so maybe I'm more comfortable than others around engines. I suppose all you can do is monitor the situation and try to record how much oil your bike is either consuming, leaking, or was added.

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Old March 16th, 2017, 06:45 AM   #34
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I recommend putting the year and model of your bike in your signature. That might have tempered a lot of our comments. Most of us commenting have 821's. Practically the same motor but we haven't had a lot of data on them yet. In fact, the site should probably segment the 2 models to keep things like this from happening.

As for fitment of panels and rattles, your dealer assembled a lot of your bike from a shipping crate. I'm not sure how disassembled they arrive, but they do quite a bit of tinkering before hitting the floor.

My bike used to hold RPM off-throttle before my first ECU update, as well.
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Old June 13th, 2017, 04:02 PM   #35
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fuk flik he s like that a$$hole snow kaka cat who tried to bad mouth the bike to get something out of it.
I have a 2013 hyperstrada that I have abused and she can take it.
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liar and a$$holes who try to capitalize on internet worthless worms who like to make noise because they need the attention.
shame that you guys take time to answer this worms
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