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I Ride: 2013 Hyperstrada
Want the best oil filter?

Clean oil is better oil.

George rode Ducatis and worked for Mobil Oil.

Quote Originally Posted by George Morrison, STLE CLS (Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers - Certified Lubrication Specialist)

"I have seen a 30 micron Beta 200 paper element need replacement at 30 days, yet its 6 micron beta 200 microglass element needing replaced at 120 days. The microglass element was filtering to a much tighter tolerance yet lasted 3 times longer. As much as 40% of a paper element may not flow oil at all! A microglass element flows 100%, which is why they flow with so much lower Delta P. (measured flow resistance)" - 1/18/07

"The comparative particle counts for my 2001 Toyota Sequoia with 159,000 total engine miles, using Mobil 1R0W-30 engine oil are as follows:

OEM oil filter PC vs. Amsoil EaO57 Oil filter PC
>4 Microns = 1,817 particles, 128 particles
>6 microns = 990 particles, 70 particles
>14 microns = 168 particles, 12 particles
>25 microns = 34 particles, 2 particles
>50 microns = 3 particles, 0 particles
>100 microns = 0 particles, 0 particles

Both samples had 1,550 miles on each filter. The OEM sample was new oil, Amsoil sample with 1,500 miles on the Mobil 1 engine oil.
The ISO cleanliness is reduced from 18/17/15 to 14/13/11 with the Amsoil EaO oil filter. I would have been very happy with 1 or 2 number reductions.. A 93% reduction in particulates is, well, as in going from no filtration to having a filter.... This level of cleanliness *will* provide meaningful, long term wear reduction and attendant increase in component life, from my experience.
My used engine oil is cleaner than the oil which came out of the quart bottle..
George Morrison, STLE CLS

"Regarding "seems too good to be true". Welcome to the world of microglass/synthetic filtration medium. I upgrade industrial applications every day from cellulose to microglass: go from a 30 micron paper element filter to a 6 micron microglass. Vastly improved filtration, in the 90% reduction level, as in the EaO, AND the filter generally lasts 2 to 4 times longer than the cellulose filter it was replacing. How? Generally up to 40% of a cellulose filter element passes nothing, absolutely blocked.. Whereas the microglass or nanofiber (whatever) is 100% flowable filter. So, yes, filtering much finer, flowing much easier and lasting considerably longer, even though it is capturing 90% more particulates... Indeed, it is true......
George Morrison, STLE CLS" - 3/1/07

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I Ride: 2013 Hyperstrada
Now there is an oil filter for the Ducati. EaO M138
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