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Old March 13th, 2018, 05:34 PM   #11
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In 1999 we were paying 99 cents for gasoline. After that there was a speculative push to get oil up, driving the price per barrel to $147. Crazy.

Many looked to alternative fuels as gas prices shocked consumers.

We saw diesel motorcycle discussions. We also saw a self-reliance push towards ethanol. Anything to find a way to reduce our fuel use, or avoid oil as much as possible.

Tons of conversions for vehicles to natural gas too.

Now that we are benefiting from the Texas developed fracking of tightly held oil and gas deposits, there is no more shortage.

No reason to fret, no more reason to turn food into fuel.

Ducati lost the lawsuit over ruined plastic gas tanks, and replaced bulging tanks with new ones that could deal with 10% ethanol. Whether those new gas tanks, or the tanks made after 2012 can deal with more than 10% ethanol is an important question. I suspect that if the ethanol content hit 20% we will see bulging gas tanks again. I say 20% because of the DOE tests on vehicles.

Ethanol is very corrosive. It dissolves so many of the gasket/o-ring materials.

In humid areas, where a vehicle sits for more than a few days, the moisture collected by the ethanol will separate. (As you recall, ethanol is added to gas tanks in the frozen north to absorb water.) This phase separated gas/ethanol/water will harm an engine when started.

I'd recommend that you enjoy the low gasoline prices. Many areas even offer gasoline which remains uncontaminated by ethanol. Sadly, in my area EPA mandates that all gasoline include 10% minimum ethanol. Stations here are now pushing 15% ethanol.

Go with the fuel Ducati designed every component to run well with. Gasoline.

Remember also, that especially with a cold engine, there is a bit of fuel that washes past the rings into the bottom of the engine. Do you really want ethanol in with the lubricating oil?
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Old March 13th, 2018, 05:59 PM   #12
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I remember .99$/gal. Back then we laughed at the thought of buying bottled of water at the gas station. I was a lineman for AT&t (Still am) back in the day before internet, Woking on land lines. Ran into a 21yo female while working and the subject of 'land lines' came up. Her response "what is a land line". LOL
I appreciate you taking the time to shed some light on this idea.
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Old March 20th, 2018, 03:36 AM   #13
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Your original post referenced carbs and jetting. This bike is EFI.

Like RSL stated, without the addition of forced induction and significantly increasing the compression ratio, you won't gain anything. I'm sure the fuel pump would need to be beefed up, too.

The easy E-85 swaps with serious gains I've read about start with this basic setup: blower, high compression block, big fuel pump (Chevy Z06/ ZR1 are good example).
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