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netaron March 25th, 2018 09:23 AM

Issues with heated grips installation...
I installed the OEM heated grips on my 2016 Hyperstrada 939 as outlined in a previous post; took the bike in for the 600 mile service, and asked the dealer to turn the grips on in the ecu. The tech said the heated grips option did not show up on the Ducati Diagnostic Tool while it was connected to my bike. I checked the wiring etc, and all seems fine. Any thoughts why this may not be showing up or is there a sub-menu that needs to be accessed to turn the heated grips function on?



starfighter March 25th, 2018 10:18 AM

How old are the grips? Did you buy them new? Could have an open circuit or short... but that would be weird to have on BOTH grips, and my guess is the computer would indicate a problem if it detected a short since its a normally open circuit w/o grips installed. Probably can't check for power FROM the bike unless he was able to activate the function in the computer w/o seeing the grips. Could check for resistance across both leads for each grip.

netaron March 25th, 2018 10:24 AM

Grips are brand spankin new, purchased from DucDealer. And yes, I wondered why would both not show up, very unlikely they both have an issue, but certainly not uncommon. I'll check resistance, also, not certain about the working voltage, but I'll test them with maybe 4-6 volts from my DC ps to see if they get warm.

My other thought is maybe the bike needs to actually be running for the grips to show up. I know they shut off below the set RPM to save the battery, so that may or may not play a role. I'll start by testing the actual grips and go from there...

Thanks for the ideas.

starfighter March 25th, 2018 10:31 AM

People are reading between 6 and 9 Ω (ohms) for their grips from what I am seeing. If your multimeter reads "OPEN" or "OL", its an open circuit and there is something wrong internally with the grips. Get a cheap pair of Bike Master grips ($30) if you see problems with the Ducati ones and they are not under warranty. They are a little fatter (like the Oxford and others as well) than the Ducati brand, but that's what I just installed and had activated, and I am super happy with them. Look good too.

netaron March 25th, 2018 10:39 AM

Great info Star! I'll post my findings.

netaron March 25th, 2018 11:55 AM

Right side measured 7.1 ohm, left side 7 ohms, taking away 1 ohm due to wire resistance, and that leaves about 6 ohms, so looks to be good. I also plugged both sides directly to the auxiliary power connector under the dash that is probably designed for a gps (aux); both sides with ignition on started to get warm, so the grips are good. I'll have to ask the tech to start the engine with revs above 2000 to see if it shows up on the diagnostic computer.

I thought about the aftermarket grips which are way more affordable, but I just liked having the starter button as the switch with 3 settings and the cleaner look, as this mod is the most important one for me.

Thank you for the great tips!

Bones302 March 25th, 2018 12:56 PM

wait, so grips have to be installed first before dealer activates the grip warmer option in the ECU?

netaron March 25th, 2018 02:42 PM

Unfortunately yes, as far as I know.

dragoontwo March 25th, 2018 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by Bones302 (Post 28381)
wait, so grips have to be installed first before dealer activates the grip warmer option in the ECU?

I don't believe so. I think some members here had them turned on before installation.

dragoontwo March 25th, 2018 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by monocog007 (Post 21277)
I had them turned on prior to installing the grips (same time I had them reset my service light, cost me all of $20), that way they wouldn't hassle me with the aftermarket ones. Just tell them you have the factory ones on order and want to get them turned on right away.

In this thread here: http://hyperstrada.com/mechanical-te...html#post21277

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