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Increasing Ground Clearance!

I own a hyperstrada 939 2016; however registered in Japan as a 2017. I'm having problems with ground, clearance because the bike is too low for the kind of riding that I do. I have removed the center stand but that did not help much. *I have broken two shift levers and one rear brake pedal even after modifying my riding style to fit this motorcycle. I have come to the conclusion that it is in my best interest to increase the height and the ground clearance of the bike.

I ride very spirited in the track and in the canyons, however, the bikesí suspension is not helping me because of the quality and also because the motorcycle ground clearance is too low. So before I start spending any amount of money on fixing this ground clearance problem, I need help and advise.

I understand that the front forks on the hypermotard are 170mm compared to the hyperstrada's 130mm;however, the only difference between the two is the suspension's inner tube because both main cylinders are 43 mm.

Since the difference in suspension between the hypermotard and the hyperstrada is a suspension inner tube, do you guys know where I can purchase a used inner tube or where can I have those tubes made for a reasonable price. I have contacted Ducati here in Japan and the cost for a the suspension tube is about $700 each and that is too much money. To add insult to injury, Kayaba, the company that makes the suspension for the hypermotard and the hyperstrada ,is here in Japan, however, they cannot sell me the parts that I need to increase the bikes height because of the contract between Ducati and the company.

Online I have seen couple of used hypermotard 821 and 939 front forks for about 900 to $1,000 but since I am planning to buy the inner cartridges from andreani or nitron, the entire move will cost me about $2,000 which is a bit too much for a kayaba ensemble.

Does anybody have or know of anyone selling hypermotard front fork suspension for $350 or less?

Regarding the rear shock, I could buy a used hypermotard shock then change the spring but that path will cost me over $600 and the aftermarket rear shock suspensions, the simple ones at least, begin at $650 and so on.

Please, any help, suggestion or idea is most welcome. I am confused and stuck and I need help finding a solution.

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