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Hello Everyone,

This is a quick update on my hyper; I decided to give the dealer that's very close to me a try since I haven't worked with them (Acemotorsports, for those in the east bay area, my first experience with them was very good). The service manager looked up my vin and found 4 open campaigns, which were throttle assembly, top head bearing dust cover, dash resistor circuit installation and insulation of wires for the christmas lights dash issues and finally update the ecu to the latest software.

The throttle assembly's gray plug did have the part number ending in "C," so it was replaced with one ending in "E." The head bearing dust cover is pretty self explanatory. The dash christmas lights issue has been a bit confusing for me as my research doens't match up with Ducati's explanation, which blames the issue on the magnetic field that exists where the voltage is able to jump and take out the dash (and possibly the ecu) and sometimes both.

I will still replace both coils as the only logical explanation for the voltage spike is from a primary source that passes the secondary high voltage in the first place through induction. As it has been noted here and on other forums, the ecu could still be affected by a defective coil since it sits at the end of the canbus chain.

As for the software update, I noticed it had affected the throttle response; it seemed a bit more twitchy down low, but race mode is improved to a usable degree. I tested the new software with my heated grips just to make sure I wasn't feeling the difference between a new throttle spring in the new assembly, and it still felt a bit more twitchy in the low rpm region compared to before pre-software update. I noticed the same issue on my 16 hyperstrada after the sotfware update, but ymmv.

One thing I wanted to note is the improvement in clutch operation. After changing the oil and lubing the clutch cable, the grabby feeling has been drastically reduced, almost eliminated if I'm not paying attention to it. I actually noticed it right after the oil change first, then more so after the clutch cable lube. I will not mention the oil brand here as I don't know if it will work for everyone, but if you like, pm me and I'll let you know.
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