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Atlas Throttle Lock (V2; "bottom kit")

Hello 'Tards,

I'm sure I'm not the only one that stares and drools over that switch gear on the GS parked next to you with the controls marked: "SET/RES", "OFF/ON". I read the fine print but was a little surprised when my bargain exotic didn't come with cruise control. I'll admit it...I have cruise envy.

I've been rocking a Cramp Buster for years and it's adequate for medium touring. You can't actually pull you hand away and stretch the digits, though, so all-day touring is not really answered (but for $10, hard to beat). There's a glimmer of electronic cruise control on a thread here but it died on the vine. Next step up is throttle locks. The range from Saw movie inspired contraptions to popular options that don't offer an option for the Tard lineup.

I was never really a fan of the Kaoko roll-on/ off style. Doesn't matter since they don't make one for us anyway. Then a recent search turned up the Atlas. Watched about 2.5 YouTube vids and ordered. Got it for $135 shipped.

*Caveat - only had two days on the road with it.
+Nice kit, well designed, solid construction.
+Best control functionality of a throttle lock. Thumb controls feel natural.
+Inspiring and safe when working

-Just have to run it before you find preferred mounting point
-Our TBW is a little finicky with fitment; stock grips might be easier
-The set screws have a cosmoline-type gunk on them I had to clean off to get them to bite properly; also very small hex head I may have stripped already

I had to release the set screw multiple times to get a better bite on the alligator jaw style tension arm. I eventually stripped the extremely tiny hex head set screw, but the kit came with a spare. Worked great the first day but I realized I wanted to rotate it a little lower. It works via a simple friction pad so you can snap it closed in an emergency, if needed.

Day 2 wasn't so great. It loosened to the point where it spun on the tube and wouldn't hold the throttle. I had to get a better bite a couple times during install so I chalk this up to needing a better bite. The small space I chose between my Puig grips and a disc that is part of our TBW may also be an issue as it keep digging deeper into the divide. Finally, the smooth plastic ignition switch housing that the friction pad bites may need a little ruffing up. I think all of these are easily solvable.

More to follow as I get more miles out of it.

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I Ride: hyperstrada 821
Looking forward to testing my crampbuster. Good times!!!
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atlas, bottom kit, lock, throttle

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