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brake light/mode sensor

So i tried switching out my brake and clutch levers the other day and when i put OEM back on my brake light is always on but the brake itself is not..... also because of the sensor being triggered i can not change my riding mode. Is this something thats an easy fix i can do myself or do i need to bring it into a dealer (l live 2 hours away from one)
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I am not sure what could be causing your problem. I went through something like this and I ended up solving it... but I don't really know why. In any case, if not for solving purposes, here's my story at least for entertainment:

I was replacing the rear brake lever because I somehow bent the tip. I took my time and as I put everything back together, I found that the brake light was permanently on, regardless of whether any brake was applied or not.

I took it all apart again and as I put it back together again, I put some grease on the pin that actuates the rear brake. I finished getting it back together, and the problem was gone.

It's worth noting that even before I disassembled again and added grease, the pin was correctly moving and engaging/disengaging the rear brake, but the light was constantly on. Once I put grease on it the second time, there was no clear difference on applying the brake, but the light was no longer constantly on.
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I Ride: hyperstrada 821
This also may be helpful: https://youtu.be/7q2tGCVBUwM

I probably have to do this shortly the road - did my front bearings this winter as they were shot. Keep us posted.

The manual has a number of inconsistencies - can be frustrating.
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brake, light or mode, sensor

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