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2013 HS stalls out at stop signs

2013 Hyperstrada..
I also posted on Ducati.ms
On ride today when I got 40 miles away the bike stalled out coming to a stop sign.. restarted ok but I headed toward home, on the way it did same thing twice and it seemed like I needed to keep revs up to prevent it again, like 3-4K rpm at stop light.. made it home. Voltage shows 13.9 when running and when off it slowly drops to 12.4 (I know it should be above 12.5) I had a load test just weeks ago and battery passed but it seems like bad battery to me.. evap canister removed a long time ago otherwise stock. I had the 2 service bulletins done a couple months ago.. can filter and throttle control.. at the time they told me it had the latest fuel map And there were no other recalls.
No proof really but I have a gut feeling this happens only when fully warmed up.. bike runs fine, very good really until throttle down to a stop when it kills, the red oil light is on then but I think that happens when motor off normally? The light goes off as soon as it starts. I've got about 50 miles since fill up, premium gas.. is there ever a problem with tank suck? Seems that would affect more at high speeds?
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2013, signs, stalls, stop

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