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Old August 19th, 2017, 01:31 PM   #41
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Love this debate. I bought the crf250l primarily for it's reliable reputation, long service intervals and finally where I would be riding it. If I were mostly riding in the States or Western Europe the 250 would not be my first choice, just too small. I went for reliability and availability of spare parts. I should note while I bought a 2016 crf250l at the end of the season for $3990 I have spent at least another $3k to upgrade the poor stock suspension, increase the fuel range, lighten the bike by 20 pounds, protection, heated grips and a decent seat.

I researched for quite sometime and communicated extensively with Steph Jeavons and Peter Schltens/wife who were well into a RTW on their CRF250l's. In the end I just took a flyer and went for it. I still lust after the KTM 690'S though, especially when I am getting blown off the road by strong winds.
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We all benefit from research and selecting the right tool for the job.

RTW is a whole different animal than the kind of riding I do. Different because of the purpose focused on the journey much more than any performance expectation. Look at the bikes taken RTW, that will prove my point.

Best of luck on your preparation and journey Marty.

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Originally Posted by RSL View Post
Good point. Traveling to 3rd world countries demands being prepared, both before to fail-proof your equipment, and during by being able to make things function again.

A prudent traveler, with the concern over a too-small battery, like KTM is often accused of, will carry a small Earth-X jump lithium battery.
You'd be amazed how poorly prepped some moto travelers really are. Many jump in at the deep end ... and just muddle through. Self Abuse? Yep!

Some look like the pics you've posted ... and worse. Many young Brits, Irish, Aussies head to S. America, buy a local bike (usually a cheap Chinese 250). Some have travel experience, many don't and just wing it.

Originally Posted by RSL View Post
Something I wish I had the one time I had a motorcycle battery fail. One time in decades of riding.

Many wait for failure to perform what I consider routine maintenance. Maintenance like battery replacement, or additives in fuel to keep the entire fuel system clean.
The tiny/powerful portable Lith batts are for sure the Go. Really could have used one back in the "bad old days" of really crappy batteries. Like you, had very few batt failures in last 20 years but on many group rides I've dealt with dead batts on friends bikes. Our best solution out on the road is buy a small car batt., strap on seat, ride away! Even if the bike has a failed charging system, you can run "total loss" for quite a while before having to recharge that car battery! Wiring it up is biggest challenge ... and keeping it from falling off the bike off road.

Sometimes things happen even to well prepped bikes ... like Ducati's. Hung out with some long time Ducati riders yesterday on our famous Sunday Morning Ride ... heard some positively hair raising Ducati nightmare stories. OFF THE SCALE.

Good prep and maintenance is an art form, both bike, luggage and rider. Back packers and climbers do well with luggage and camping, not so much on mechanical side. Many can only follow UTube tutorials and rely on dodgy 3rd world mechanics to bail them out of trouble. Many simply "walk away" once moto is dead. (or they think it is!)

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