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From: Lundin Links, Scotland
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I Ride: Hyperstrada
Just completed 650 miles for my first service

Got my red Hyperstrada low (standard seat) on the 13th and have done more mileage in 2 weeks that I did on my Multistrada 620 all last year. It's an incredible machine. I'm still only going up to 8000rpm and will do so until about 1000 miles then it's 10.5 heaven.

Options were axle and chassis R&G crash protectors, radiator protector and paint protection.

-Handling and feedback.
-Small, light, and flickable.
-Engine (see also poor)
-Riding position.
-Screen, how does it give so much protection? Has anyone got the touring screen fitted? Feedback?
-Centre stand
-Economy (I know who cares but it's 50mpg+)
-Noise. I test rode one with a Termi but it was too loud and more importantly the steady throttle at 30-35mph was hunting constantly. I was worried the stock can would be too quiet but it's perfect and has eradicated the balanced throttle issue. That's 1100 saved then!
-Still get overrun popping at low revs, excellent!
-Brakes are incredible. ABS is fab, never had it before.
-Traction control gives assurance, it's only kicked in once and I thought I'd broken something at the back, very odd feeling. I don't ride in the wet if I can avoid it but sort of looking forward to trying...
-Low servicing costs, 200 ish a year.
-18000 belt intervals, excellent.
-When fuel light comes on the trip resets, very useful. A fuel gauge may have been nice but I don't miss it. A range reading would be useful but again I don't miss it.
SOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!

-No adjustable clutch for us with small hands.
-No gear position indicator, really, this can't be hard to do. Anyone seen a good after market option?
-It's impossible to look cool removing the panniers, in fact the dealer had to remove my left one as I couldn't. Got it now but it's all a bit brutal.
-527 for a top box, what!
-The engine bogs down below 2500 rpm so gentle getaways are a struggle, really needs 3000+.
-Throttle fly by wire has no feel, it's not a big issue but I prefer a cable. I'm sure I'll get used to it and if its the price for riding modes that all's good.
-No tools or instructions for tightening the chain. Dealer said they will do this at the annual service? Must be a very good chain...
-Wind buffeting, it isn't good but I never feel unsafe and I'm in Scotland where we get a fair bit of wind.

I have a trip planned up into the highlands next weekend so if anything occurs to me I'll post it, can't wait!

Enjoy your new steeds, I am one happy man!!!!

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