1. 1

    2013 hyper 821 complete clutch kit

    I have and extra complete clutch kit.pulled from 3200mile bike. -$200 7076246404
  2. H

    2013 hyperstrada in colorado

    2013 Ducati Hyperstrada 821 10k miles with a few add-ons... Ducati Racing seat (and stock) tkc-80's, front and rear, top case along with side panners. Rizoma mirrors, adjustable clutch and brake levers, Puig Touring windscreen (and stock) iPhone charger and ram mount. Price is firm
  3. F

    2013 HS stalls out at stop signs

    2013 Hyperstrada.. On ride today when I got 40 miles away the bike stalled out coming to a stop sign.. restarted ok , what up with that?
  4. M

    Power outlet setup 2013 Hyperstrada 821

    Good morning everybody, I'm new to touring and I have been riding my Hyperstrada for the last 8 months experimenting with gear and setups. One of the things I was wondering about was the power outlet setups you use. I figured I would need a usb for my phone, one for my SENA, a 12v for my...
  5. M

    Top Case Refurbishing 2013 Hyperstrada

    Good morning everybody, When I bought my Hyperstrada it came with a used Ducati Top Case. It's fairly used, the blu color is fading and I was wondering if anybody have any ideas on how to refresh it. Also, it is missing the lock, it has just the hole, empty. Any suggestion on how to get...
  6. G

    Flapper Valve disconnect on 2013 equals no starting from hot rest

    So for a week I had played with the exhaust flapper valve disconnected under the seat (wires harness only.) I liked the way it ran, and it appears to be smoother in the low revs.. But during our heat wave this week 102F.. I started the bike from a days rest and it kept stalling gout as the...
  7. G

    Stupid question, I know.. but should I worry about my 2013 Strada blowing up?

    Ok, Short story.. Bought a brand new left over 2013 Strada in 2014.. Rode it 2000 miles then it sat in my garage off and on until this spring.. I uncovered her.. Washed and waxed her and sent her to the dealer.. Replaced all the fluids, chain tension 2 recalls and now I am back to riding her...
  8. V

    2013 821 HS gone haywire - help..

    Hi I was out riding today and suddenly my HS started flashing lights in the display and whent into limp mode.. In limp mode the display continued with it`s flashing and no information was shown(speed/revcounter) rear indikator lights and rear light also flashed and the front head light turned...
  9. B

    2013 strada Clutch mishap?

    Disclaimer: I am much more a computer nerd than mechanically-adept 2013 hyperstrada ~25,000 miles. All original clutch components. The small lever on the case where bottom of clutch cable hooks into didn't appear to be the correct position after threading the new clutch cable through...
  10. P

    2013 Hyper rear hub orientation

    So I have a question for the masses. There seems to be a discrepancy in the service manual regarding the orientation of the rear hub in the swingarm. Save a massively long explanation, which I will elaborate on after a bit more fact finding, I need a bit of information from some 2013-16 821...
  11. V

    2013 DUCATI HYPERSTRADA 821 for sale

    Hello guys, I've decided to sell my HYPER and figured a good place to start would be on the forum with "like minded" individuals. I'm asking $7000 and the bike would have to be picked up (Hickory, NC) in person. Here are the details: 2013 Ducati HYPERSTRADA, 5xxx miles (and climbing as...
  12. J

    white flashing dash 2013 Hyperstrada

    Short story- bike has less than 7k on her. I installed new battery, worked fine. I left it at my buddy's house for a month and found battery drained. (could have been due to slow drain from a usb charger previous owner installed) We charged battery. It went from reading 3 v to 12 v. Now she...
  13. L

    Stock Seat from 2013 Hypermotard 821

    Replaced it with a Corbin Seat. Looking for $150 plus shipping. Note that I am in Canada, so shipping rates will be cheap for Canada but a bit more for US buyers. Nothing wrong with the seat, comes with the helmet tether.
  14. 8

    For Sale 2013 Hyperstrada for sale .. only 2k miles

    I'm selling my mint condition Hyperstrada. Fantastic bike in showroom condition. Annual just completed and registration just paid. $7000 obo.
  15. S

    2013 HS 821: $6900 - Artic White w/SP Decals (Seattle)

    Greetings Ladies and Gents: Up for sale is my 13' Hyperstrada, 98xx miles. Purchased new from Vancouver Ducati BMW in April 2015. Needs nothing but a rider! All services/TSBs performed by Vancouver Ducati BMW, Redmond Ducati, or Ducati Seattle. 9k service has been completed. Pilot power...
  16. 5

    2013+ HyperMotard HyperStrada hand guard turn signals

    Hi I'm selling my turn signals with my handguards for $120 shipped one has a crack in the lens due to rock
  17. MartyGarrison

    2013 Monster 796 - Thoughts?

    Hey there folks. I have been watching a 13 Monster 796 Anniversary model on Craigslist and Cycle Trader for a month or so. The bike has 610 miles on it and just about all upgrades I would want. The 600 mile service has been done. It was bought and serviced from the same dealer I got my 939 from...
  18. P

    2013 Hyperstrada RED 1600 miles, mint condition--a real garage queen!!

    2013 red ducati hyperstrada mint condition **only 1600 miles** This is my baby! Only out of the garage for cruises on the lakefront on Saturdays and Sundays. Moving to a cold climate so i want her to have a great new owner. I have had 6 ducati motorcycles and this one is the most fun of...
  19. PewPewLife

    2013+ Hypermotard/Hyperstrada Parts

    License Plate Holder/Tailights: $75 Radiator Covers: $40 Side Covers: $40
  20. S

    For Sale 2013 red hyperstrada

    Sold. Please, remove.