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    2013 hyper 821 complete clutch kit

    I have and extra complete clutch kit.pulled from 3200mile bike. -$200 7076246404
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    Front Horizontal cylinder head hypermotard 939 821

    Selling a good condition front cylinder head off a 939. Should fit the 821 also. Has everything in it. 250$ + shipping obo
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    Rapid Bike Evo Hyperstrada 821 350$ shipped

    Rapid Bike Evo Hyperstrada 821 300$ shipped Selling my used rapid bike Evo module. Comes with the ecu, harness, and cable to connect to laptop. Works great just cutting back on the added electronics on my bike to help pay for parts I'll need. Bump. Price dropped to 300 shipped!
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    Interchangable engine parts 821 to 939.

    Does anybody know whether the heads are the same on a 939 and 821? Can the ecu from 821 be used on 939 engine and just flashed or something? My motor just took a crap and would like to use the opportunity to upgrade the power if possible. I've contemplated just buying the engine and ecu and dash...
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    Power outlet setup 2013 Hyperstrada 821

    Good morning everybody, I'm new to touring and I have been riding my Hyperstrada for the last 8 months experimenting with gear and setups. One of the things I was wondering about was the power outlet setups you use. I figured I would need a usb for my phone, one for my SENA, a 12v for my...
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    Wanting to Buy Left Knuckle guard Hyper 821

    Hey there, my left knuckle guard got damaged and I'm looking to buy a replacement one. I bought one from eBay but it didn't have the same curving on the top part and since I'm keeping the right original one I would like to have them matching. Any help appreciated, thanks!
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    2013 821 HS gone haywire - help..

    Hi I was out riding today and suddenly my HS started flashing lights in the display and whent into limp mode.. In limp mode the display continued with it`s flashing and no information was shown(speed/revcounter) rear indikator lights and rear light also flashed and the front head light turned...
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    821 4 spring pressure plate broke

    SON OF A BISCUIT!!! While doing the factory pro detent mod to eliminate false 5-6 neutral as well as make it easier to find neutral I discovered the clutch pressure plate is cracked up. I believe it probably happened because I started using engine braking more aggressively. I ordered a new...
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    Hyper 821 won't rev over 7.5k

    Hey everyone, I hoping you guys might be able to help me out. I have a 2013 hyper which I recently did some upgrades to including, Rapidbike Evo + qs, MWR filters + power up (added filter), removed flapper valve, and a SC projects oval slip-on. Note all done at once. I've uploaded Kuksul08...
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    Hyperstrada 821 vs BMW R 1200 GS

    Hi everyone! Doing a longer road trip next month from Denver to Pikes Peak to 4 Corners, and then on to the Grand Canyon and back though Utah/ I-70 with some family and friends on rented R 1200 GS bikes. Aside from the shorter range of Fuel.... should have no problems keeping up on that...
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    2013 DUCATI HYPERSTRADA 821 for sale

    Hello guys, I've decided to sell my HYPER and figured a good place to start would be on the forum with "like minded" individuals. I'm asking $7000 and the bike would have to be picked up (Hickory, NC) in person. Here are the details: 2013 Ducati HYPERSTRADA, 5xxx miles (and climbing as...
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    Stock Seat from 2013 Hypermotard 821

    Replaced it with a Corbin Seat. Looking for $150 plus shipping. Note that I am in Canada, so shipping rates will be cheap for Canada but a bit more for US buyers. Nothing wrong with the seat, comes with the helmet tether.
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    10W40 oil in my 821 ok?

    Dealer put 10W40 oil in my 821 I just had my oil changed from the dealer after getting the anti judder clutch update done in my 13 hyperstrada and noticed on the invoice they put 10w40 instead of 15w50 that the bike requires. So I called them the next day to argue and they said that 10w40 is...
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    821 Stock Muffler For Sale

    I have a factory muffler from a 821. It is in excellent shape. $100, pm me if interested. Thanks!
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    Any Advice? '14 Hyperstrada 821 w/ 8k miles. Cranks fine, Fires then Dies

    I usually try to ride year round. Tried to go for a ride to day and nothing. Battery is fine. Cranks strong. Fires up (somewhat hesitantly vs. normal) then dies after a second or two. Throttle does not help. 8k miles. Oil level is fine and changed recently. Have never had any issues w the...
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    Hyperstrada 821 clutch fix kit DU-133/6

    Ordered this because I thought I needed it. Turns out I don't $70 PayPal friends and family. Includes shipping to U.S.
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    821 healtech quickshift instal

    Hi all! Could anyone tell me where I can find the ignition coil connectors on my "˜13 821 hyperstrada? I need to connect the healtech wiring harness to them, but have no clue where they are [emoji85] Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New user: Hyperstrada 821 SP

    Hi guys, Just purchased a "new" hyperstrada "˜13. Here's a pic: She has 12.000 km on the clock. Did a few checks yesterday, rear brake did not engage at all, flushed the lines and fixed the brake lever to the centerstand with tywraps overnight to get all the microbubbles out and it's...
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    1100 evo sp forks & shock to 821 hyperstrada?

    Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone knows if the 1100 evo sp marzocchis are a bolt on replacement for the 821 hyperstrada ? Same stem, head angle length etc? Im considering buying some but dont want to screw the geometry same for the shock?
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    WTB Hypermotard 821 race seat

    Looking to buy race seat.