1. S

    2013 HS 821: $6900 - Artic White w/SP Decals (Seattle)

    Greetings Ladies and Gents: Up for sale is my 13' Hyperstrada, 98xx miles. Purchased new from Vancouver Ducati BMW in April 2015. Needs nothing but a rider! All services/TSBs performed by Vancouver Ducati BMW, Redmond Ducati, or Ducati Seattle. 9k service has been completed. Pilot power...
  2. 5

    HyperMotard, HyperStrada, 821, 939, 1100 TWN keyless fuel cap

    Hi I got a TWN keyless fuel cap came off my 2013 HyperMotard excellent condition anaodized black $75 shipped
  3. B

    Ducati Hypermotard 821 clutch fix - the definitive guide

    Some background The clutch on the 2013 and 2014 Hypermotard/Hyperstrada is infamously bad. The design of the clutch results in a minuscule engagement zone and inconsistent clutch engagement when launching at varying RPMs. The result is a clutch that is near impossible to launch smoothly...
  4. A

    New GIVI PL7403 side case mount installed on my 821

    Here is some pictures show up installed GIVI PL7403 side case rack. :D
  5. zibbit u2

    DIY Timing belt change

    Ok, since a few of us with older Hyperstrada 821's will be coming up for a timing belt change soon, I figured I'd show a few photos and post a few quick tips about doing the belt change yourself. I will state a disclaimer, I am NOT a Ducati or Motorcycle trained mechanic. By that, I am not...
  6. cape821

    Motard/Strada 821 939 Ducati Bellevue Givi Brackets

    Have the brackets for sale for the Hypermotard 821/939 and Hyperstrada. They are from Ducati Bellevue and I'll be including the top black mount tail piece, the black under carrier mount that bolts into the Hyper's tail, all hardware, etc. These will fit GIVI monokey cases, like the Trekkers. PM...
  7. H

    939's Rear Sprocket and Chain on 821?

    Anyone here know if the rear sprocket of the 939 fits onto the 821 bikes? Reason being the 939 has a 43 tooth and the 821 is a 45 tooth. Thanks.
  8. S

    Hyper 821 Touring seat - Top Case - side tankpad - clutch cable - clutch lever rizoma

    DP Hyper Touring Seat - 200€ Is like new (was only 2 days mounted) - half a year old - no scratches or anything - with shop bill DP Top Case Hyperstrada - 400€ with support arms - was only mounted for holidays side tankpad - 15€ to avoid scratches in the side panels (had mine clear folied)...
  9. B

    Motovation Frame Sliders Hyper 821 - $70

    SOLD Motovation Frame sliders for Ducati Hyperstrada / Hypermotard 821 - used for 8 months , no drops or falls - great condition. https://www.motovationusa.com/ducati-hypermotard-821-frame-sliders-motovation-accessories-fsd13r.html
  10. RSL

    New 821 detailed oil change thread.

    This has my 2013 experience and the 2014 Service Manual pages to help you. 821 Oil Change - Easy Hyper Oil Changes - Ducati.ms - The Ultimate Ducati Forum Easier to post the link than to create a new page.
  11. AFdude

    Thinking of Jumping Ship from Monster 821

    Hello all, Has anyone here spent time on the Monster 821? I'm 6' with a 33" inseam and am feeling cramped on my Monster 821. Around town and for my 9 mile commute, the bike is fine. It's the longer rides and HEAT that bothers me. Lower back, hips, knees, ankles (rear sets push heels out...
  12. D

    FS: Termi Slip-on exhaust for Hyper 821. Excellent condition. $1000

    Hi - I have barely used Termignoni Slip-on for Hypermotard or Hyperstrada 821. Excellent condition. Originally paid $2500 last year. Can be yours for only $1000 plus shipping. My loss = your gain. I have the box and the carbon piece that comes with the exhaust. Here is the link with...
  13. D

    For Sale 821 Parts for sale (Journey seat, Windscreen)

    For sale barely used Hyperstrada 821 Parts. I have converted my Hyperstrada to have more of a Hypermotard look and have some parts that have to go make some room in the garage. 1) Journey Seat - very comfortable for long rides and passenger. Retail $329 Ducati Hypermotard/Hyperstrada Low...
  14. Superbike Italia

    fs: Hyper/Hyperstrada 821 matte carbon exhaust shield

    Fits all 821 Hypers/Hyperstrada all years . brand new . 50.00 plus 5.00 priority mail paypal as gift/friends/family Pics coming
  15. C

    Lightech Rearsets Ducati Hyperstrada 821 / Hypermotard 821

    anyone try these? wondering if they are stock position or offset forward or backward? or these: http://www.twistedthrottle.com/sw-motech-on-road-off-road-footpegs-ducati-multistrada-1200-10
  16. B

    2013 821 Oil Leaks

    OK guys, I'll be going back into the dealer with a slight issue here ! two oil leaks, one of which i have seen on the forum, the other I have not. Let me know thoughts, 1800 miles to date. 600 mile service, the bolt weeping was noted. 1. Weeping oil on Left Side head bolt — Left side, rear...
  17. D

    Shift Tech Slip on - Hypermotard 821

    Selling a [damn near] new Shift Tech exhaust for the Hyper 821. I purchased and installed this exhaust this week and later found out it would be in my best interests to use the money towards my household. I had the exhaust on for 30 miles and them removed it. I also have the optional DB killer...
  18. mentalist

    Monster 821, gets modified clutch spring!!

    Hi, I read the latest report and tecnical data on the new monster, It gets a revised clutch (anti-judder) spring, to stop the grabbing and jerky movement that is inherent on the motard/strada range. I wonder if this can be retrofitted to the Strada. Going to speak to my dealer about it...
  19. cape821

    Competition Werkes GP 821 exhaust

    uTzjV40GM5A Here you go guys, enjoy. Also have the pipe used in the review available, comes with a fender eliminator kit with turn signals. (Pipe used for a weekend, fender eliminator kit wasn't used.)
  20. zippy49

    WTB Hyper 821 seat

    Hi all, I'm looking for a used seat from any of the 821 models to send out for a foam and cover job. So, condition of the cover and foam are not important. As long as the base is good, let's talk!