1. O

    Didnt know there is a gauge label on the 821 rear shock adjustment knob

    Maybe i am blind or missed out the devil details. Was flipping thru ebay and saw this picture. No wonder the adjustment knob is not giving true feedback. I guess ducati wanted us to 'see' instead of 'feel'. lol Maybe the rest of you know about it. Darn.....this is my first. :eek:
  2. D

    2013 Hyper 821 dash/electrical problem

    Ok, here is the problem. I tried to install a louder horn on my '13 Hyper 821 and stupidly did not disconnect the battery before pulling the wires on the stock horn and plugging them into the new horn. When I turned the key on, the dash lit up but as soon as I hit the horn button to see if it...
  3. H

    What's the Hyper 821 redline at?

    It makes max power at 9,250rpm, right? What's the redline then? Also, what's the normal operating temp? For example, with my car that redlines at 7,800rpm, I keep it below 4,000rpm until the oil temp reaches 170F. What RPM is recommended to keep the Hyper 821 motor below until you hit what...
  4. Momfer

    The 821 engine for other bikes?

    Heard that Ducati is going to use the 821 engine on future bikes. For 2015 they are going to make a monster 821 (replacing the 796) and a mini multistrada (new looks) with the 821 in it. Is the last one a replacement for the hyperstrada or just a size "bigger" version? :confused: Other news...
  5. D

    796 to 821

    Just a note with few thoughts after a 50 mile round trip. Significant improvement in ease of riding. Smoother launch. Easier to drive within the speed limit. Comfy. Beautiful bike. Couldn't be more pleased with the change. 1600 miles. Mike
  6. mentalist

    Hypermotard 821 SC-Project exhaust

    Came across this on you tube and thought i'd share it, sounds nice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oqtQOYrRM8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oqtQOYrRM8
  7. N

    821 Hypermotard, First ride test

    Waooww, a first ride test in Spain - This engine makes a sound I love. They speak french, I will be back soon for translation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxVXuKLERNQ