1. S

    New Owner in VA Beach

    Hello Everyone, Yesterday, I just brought home my first Ducati, a 2016 HS 939. I'm military so I just moved to the area. Wish I was still in San Diego with this bad boy, tearing up the canyons and going bike camping! Please let me know if you are in the area. I would love to link up for a...
  2. RoadChick

    Imperial Beach to Borrego Easter Sunday

    Great ride and weather Sunday from IB to Borrego. New shoes, Q3's don't hurt either!
  3. RoadChick

    Hello from Imperial Beach, CA

    Hello everyone, just bought a used 2014 yesterday up near Mt. View, CA and rode 600 miles home. Rode a couple of epic back roads, the 25, 33, and 198, stayed the night in Coalinger and then headed home to San Diego area today. So far, I really like the bike, do want to make some changes to...