1. P

    Hello from Brisbane...

    Hi all, I took delivery of my 2016 Hyperstrada 939 last Friday, only 1500kms on the clock....umm.. screen ;) I've owned about 28 motorcycles in my time and this has got to be the most fun. Looking forward to sharing and caring on this forum :)
  2. DaveTheYank

    Sunday ride near Brisbane, Australia

    I picked up my new Strada 939 last Wednesday, and apart from riding it home from the dealer and a couple of laps around the neighbourhood, I hadn't had a chance to ride it properly until yesterday. I was joined by fellow forum member heckelmeister (with all the juicy gadgets, check out the...
  3. DaveTheYank

    939 Strada in Brisbane Australia

    Hi Everyone! I picked up my Strada yesterday from Gold Coast, Queensland. I live in Brisbane, so you other Brisbanites that I have seen on the forum may see me around. I have a few minor mods planned (tail-tidy, smaller black screen) but I'll wait until I have a few rides before I make a...
  4. 8

    821torque2go from Brisbane

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for the welcome Duc. I picked up the 'Little Red Rooster' or Chooky for short on Monday 5th from Motolife in Caloundra, Qld. Had a wet ride home, but have been enjoying a few rides around the hills this week. This bike is awesome! Cheers Peter.