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    Hi, My Ducati's from 2013, has 12000miles and all services and recalls (including limp issue) already done. I leave in San Diego, CA so the weather is...well...always the same, warm :-) A couple of months ago I notice the EOBD light turning on for 10~20sec then off, during highway rides...
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    Diagnostic plug location

    You may think that I must be stupid (and you may be right), but can anyone please tell me where is the diagnostic (OBD) plug located? The only mention of it in the user manual point to the "rear side of the motorcycle". Thanks.
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    diagnostic plug for GuzziDiag

    diagnostic plug for DiagSoftware history: on my former MG Stelvio with IAW5 ECU i disabled lambda/O2 sensors with software from JP named Ducatidiag first (here is JPs new page with his SW, but his forum unfortunatly is closed) and later with GuzziDiag from Beard from german Guzzi-forum...