1. N

    Issues with heated grips installation...

    I installed the OEM heated grips on my 2016 Hyperstrada 939 as outlined in a previous post; took the bike in for the 600 mile service, and asked the dealer to turn the grips on in the ecu. The tech said the heated grips option did not show up on the Ducati Diagnostic Tool while it was connected...
  2. N

    Heated Grips Install on 2016 Hyperstrada 939

    I will be servicing her in the future, but she’s going in for her 600-mile service to the dealer, and I figured I could ask them to turn on the heated grips function in the ecu; I’ve ridden mainly beemers, and this process and many other technical needs seemed straightforward. But once...
  3. Crazybrother

    2014 Hyperstrada with Heated Grips

    Does anyone have a picture of the OEM Heated Grips switch installed? Where does it go? Thanks.
  4. monocog007

    Heated grip connectors

    Hey Everyone. This question is for anyone who has a set of heated grips that are not yet installed, or someone that would be willing to dig back into their headlights and photograph the connectors. After deciding the Ducati branded grips are way too expensive for a wear item, I was planning...
  5. V

    Ducati Heated Grips Available

    On the long heated grips thread you can see my correspondence with Ducati NA. Latest update last week was that they located in-stock items at Reno's Powersports and told me to buy these and they would cancel my order through Duc Pond Motosports (where I purchased the bike). They also mentioned...
  6. S

    Aftermarket heated grips

    Anyone install non-OEM grips yet? For example, Oxford Hot Grips or similar? The $100 price tag is far more appealing than the $300+ for duc grips! I have used them before on my ZX14, but I have heard of some concern in attaching them to the fly-by-wire throttle, or clearance with the grip...
  7. A

    Ducati heated hand grips

    I ordered the heated hand grips when i picked up the bike and the grips finally came in today!! Here in alaska when i ride to work at 6am it is lower 30's to 40s most morning. If anyone has them, are the grips worth it, how long did the install take and can i do it myself (i know i have to...
  8. P

    Heated Grips

    I tried pressing the start button while riding today to turn on the heated grips and nothing happened. No panel indication of OFF/LOW/MED/HIGH. Do all Hypers come with heated grips? Did I need to do something other than just press the start button while the bike is on and over 2,000 RPMs...
  9. J

    Larger Windshield and heated grips

    My Hyperstrada is supposed to arrive in 3 weeks. We will see. I ordered the larger touring windshield for $193. I am waiting on the heated grips. Anyone else doing this?