1. J

    Headlight bulb issue

    Hi guys, hoping someone can help. I bought my 2016 last year and so far, had no issues. Noticed a week or so ago that the main headlight beam wasn't working. Running lights and high beam are ok. Did a search on here and saw the main beam can go due to usage and found a link that someone...
  2. P

    Craptacular plastic headlight clips

    Let me guess. Now I can't ride my bike for 4 weeks while I wait for some expensive part to ship from Italy? All because of a stupid little plastic clip that snapped when I tried replacing the bulb after the high beam stopped working. Has anyone tried just mashing something flexible between...
  3. B

    Rectifier Issue

    So, I'm buying a 2015 Hyperstrada 821, with 2800 km on the clock. Still in warranty until September of 2019. It was a test drive bike for 1000 km, then sold. Rode until 2800 km and has been sitting since mid 2018 on a store being sold. It's been taken for a small ride weekly just to keep battery...
  4. B

    Only have 5v at the headlight

    2017 939sp, copart rebuild bike. Fires right up after buying a dash,ecu and ignition cylinder from Germany. Did not change the black box as it wasn't included. I've got Two issues.... One being i only have 5v going to the lowbeam spade on the headlight, high beam works completely normal ...
  5. L

    939 (2016) Headlight dipped beam failure

    I was riding back from the Peak District last night and realised that my front low beam headlight was not working. However, my high beam headlight was working. I thought this was odd, as I believe the low and high beam lights are both projected from the same bulb? (correct me if I'm wrong...
  6. B

    For those that upgraded to LED headlight bulbs

    I swapped out the stock headlight bulb this weekend to an LED bulb. Everything went fine, however I noticed that the high beam indicator now blinks when I engage the high beam. From what I have researched, the high beam indicator will blink when it senses a bad electrical connection in the...
  7. N

    Removing headlight lens?

    Does anyone know if this can be done on the 821 / 939 headlight? I have a broken tab on my headlight that is making it hard to aim. I found a replacement on ebay that has some rash on the lower left edge. It's otherwise functional and the rash is minor, but, given the lens on my headlight is...
  8. B

    Headlight Adjustment

    With the nights getting darker here in the UK, I have noticed my headlight is in need of adjustment (the beam is too high) Could someone advise of the process? Thanks all.
  9. P

    How the heck do I change the headlight?

    I looked. I scratched my head. I looked some more. I scratched my head some more. Then I found the exploded diagrams in the spare parts catalog - I'm still scratching my head. :( Any pointers are greatly appreciated!
  10. D

    FS: Ducati Carbon Headlight Fairing

    Excellent condition fairing used for approximately 500 miles. I alternated between this and the Puig screen for summer/winter use. Makes the bike look much sportier while still giving some wind protection. Great in the summer to get more air flow over the stock screen. No cracks, chps, or dents...
  11. J

    Any suggestions on improving the low-beam headlight on HS

    I was wondering if anyone has ideas on how to improve the low beam headlight on the HS. I don't feel confident on the freeway at night with the low beam light output. High beam is better but don't want to blind oncoming traffic. Thanks for your suggestions.
  12. J

    Want to replaced headlight bulb

    What the title says. I don't want to do any sort of fancy HID sort of conversion. In my experience with other cars and bikes, simply replacing the bulb can make a large enough difference. I'm not a fan of HIDs in fog or inclement weather either. Anyone have any recommendations? On my...
  13. HyperFAS

    Hi from Panama

    I just received yesterday my new 2015 Hyperstrada and is excellent... Is a real change from a Monster 796 but my back is happy about it since I commute to work. I decided to install the following: Hypermotard Carbon headlight fairing (for urban commute) Ducati Performance Viper Billet...
  14. S

    Carbon fiber top cover headlight cowl fairing panel

    I am thinking to remove the windshield and the headlight cover to replace it with the Hypermotard style one. Did anybody have any experience with that? The only product I have found is on ebay and it's 99 + S&H. That's for the carbon fiber one. I really don't need carbon fiber - the OEM part...
  15. A

    LED Headlight Conversion

    I knew this technology has been available for quite some time now and pushing HID back to its stone age!. I wonder if anyone has tried this on their Hyper? It's very plug n play too! How is the beam pattern like? Free File Sharing and Storage made Simple. LED Car Headlights 2000LM 35W...
  16. D

    Hyperstrada Headlight Fairing

    I don't even have my HS in the garage yet and of course I'm already looking at accessories... Most of my use is going to be short rides/commuting where I won't be using bags and won't need the windshield. I'm a bit vain and don't love the looks of windshields, but I know I will appreciate it...
  17. H

    Anyone have a wiring diagram for wires behind headlight?

    Have a gear indicator I need to wire, but not sure which wires on the bike to connect the RPM and Speedo data wires to from the gear indicator. The gear indicator has 4 wires that need to be connected: power, ground, rpm, and speedo. Can anyone help tell me where I wire the rpm and speedo wires...
  18. S

    LED Headlight only

    Hello, I want to know if it is possible to turn only the LED light in the front of our hyperstrada ? thank you ;) (Sorry for my bad English)