1. B

    WTB: LED handguards

    looking for a clean set of the later model handguards with the LED turn signals. if you have a set, and hopefully at a reasonable price, let me know. thanks.
  2. KennethLong

    LED bulb?

    Hi everyone. I am not happy with the light output of my Hyperstrada. It is 2016, and I bought it used this fall. I think of replacing the bulb with an LED one and just wanted to make sure my electrical system won't go mad because of it. I know LEDs are brighter than halogen bulbs. But do they...
  3. B

    LED turn signals

    I'm going LED on my turn signals. Does any know if the CAN bus cares? Do I need ballast resistors or lower power relays? If so, I would prefer the relays over the resistors (uses less power, easy wiring), Please advise and thanx in advance...
  4. B

    For those that upgraded to LED headlight bulbs

    I swapped out the stock headlight bulb this weekend to an LED bulb. Everything went fine, however I noticed that the high beam indicator now blinks when I engage the high beam. From what I have researched, the high beam indicator will blink when it senses a bad electrical connection in the...
  5. RSL

    Bright LED Lights - Adding Clearwater LED Lights

    Clearwater LED now has the Hyperstrada/Hypermotard/Multi Strada mounts ready for shipment. This allows for the mounting of the smaller Darla LED lights in a protected area. By having additional LED lights mounted high, the projection is farther making for better night vision...
  6. Y

    Rear turn light to led light

    I wonder ... I removed rear turn signals also light for licence plate. Means I disconnected all from under the seat. I have no much experience with electric. Does anyone know if I can do some damage to the electric system if I just leave it disconnected? I live now in Mexico City so driving...
  7. M

    New LED Front Turn Signals

    I am offering this new product rthat comes in two versions, 70 LED (35 LED each side) 140 LED (70 LED each side) They fit in the factory handguards and have a perfect fit to the curvature of the handguard. I understand that other products require black silicone around the seams. Mine don't...
  8. Superbike Italia

    fs:ducati dovetail rear led turn signals New

    fs:ducati dovetail rear led turn signals , fits hypers/multi/monsters brand new in box , these sell for 100.00 at the dealer will do 75.00 plus 5.25 priority mail USA , never opened except to take pics today , comes with everything needed , plug and play , they will flash as normal since they...
  9. D

    Ducati Performance LED Turn Signals

    Purchased some Ducati LED rear turn signals. Very nice, small and actually brighter than the stock lights. Attached four picture
  10. H

    Multistrada LED acessory headlights 96680041A

    As most of you I am quite unhappy with headlights for evening ride. Anyone has checked if the MS ones fit the HS? I suppose the alternator of the HS can handle it as long as USBs ports are not under use. Thx:rolleyes:
  11. RSL

    Clearwater Darla LED Light Install

    Working on adding the very bright Clearwater Darla LED lights to be more conspicuous to oncoming traffic. Small but intense lighting. Connection to bright light to operate LEDs at 100% when the brights are on or flashed. Rough metal fitment to see how it all fits. Pleased with location. Now...
  12. K

    Custom LED aux lights installed

    Thought you guys would enjoy this. I made this LED aux light setup for our bikes. Input welcome.
  13. A

    LED Headlight Conversion

    I knew this technology has been available for quite some time now and pushing HID back to its stone age!. I wonder if anyone has tried this on their Hyper? It's very plug n play too! How is the beam pattern like? Free File Sharing and Storage made Simple. LED Car Headlights 2000LM 35W...
  14. S

    LED Headlight only

    Hello, I want to know if it is possible to turn only the LED light in the front of our hyperstrada ? thank you ;) (Sorry for my bad English)