1. 1

    Rear brake lever bolt stripped-repair/thread pitch help

    In the process of doing the judder spring install on my hypermotard 821 I found the bolt that holds the brake lever in place has stripped all but 2 thread out of the mount. Fixing isnt to difficult but I'm trying to make sure I have the thread size/ pitch correct. M8x1.25 is what seems to work...
  2. A

    Bonamici shift lever

    Bonamici vs modified/machined Chinese vs OEM. This is the only shift arm that I could find that pushes the linkage mount back far enough to fit a quickshift strain sensor while allowing the lever to be in the low position that I like. I originally purchased the Chinese shifter a few years ago...
  3. H

    WTB OEM clutch lever or aftermarket set

    as title states im looking for a new set for my 2013 HS. would also consider a stock clutch lever thanks
  4. N

    Correct lever for SP brembo master cylinder?

    I ordered a set of levers for my bike (I like their shape and have had them on my last two bikes). The brake lever looks incorrect, in that there sure is a lot more metal where it would connect to the master cylinder than the stock. Has anyone done similar and run into the same or am I gonna...
  5. ripyowrist

    Brake Lever difference between standard Hyper and SP

    Hey guys I have a quick question for you SP owners out there. I recently bought some cheap levers from ebay to adjust the brake lever closer to the bar. When I went to install the brake side lever it did not fit, as the stock lever utilizes a little plunger to push the master cylinder. The...
  6. Wmak

    rear brake lever, too much play

    I recently noticed a lot of play in the rear brake pedal. Is there a simple adjustment? The fluid level is in the normal range, and the pads are fine. Thanks in advance for any advice. Warren
  7. 8

    Easiest pull clutch lever?

    I'm looking for a clutch lever that's easier to pull than the stocker. Between the distance and the amount of force needed to pull the stock lever it's wearing me out.
  8. S

    Hyper 821 Touring seat - Top Case - side tankpad - clutch cable - clutch lever rizoma

    DP Hyper Touring Seat - 200€ Is like new (was only 2 days mounted) - half a year old - no scratches or anything - with shop bill DP Top Case Hyperstrada - 400€ with support arms - was only mounted for holidays side tankpad - 15€ to avoid scratches in the side panels (had mine clear folied)...
  9. Jokeshopbeard

    Short brake lever, long clutch lever

    Am I the only one out there that enjoys this combination? 2 fingers for the brake, 3-4 for the clutch - it's just the way I ride. So I thought great, just get a set of those adjustable length levers and set it up like that. Only problem is, IMO, those adjustable length levers feel ab-sol-ute-ly...
  10. C

    removing clutch and brake lever

    anyone know where i can locate info on how to remove the clutch side lever to replace with a short lever? thank you
  11. H

    Loose clutch lever OK?

    Just got back from having my new Hyperstrada given a light tune-up at the local top-rated independent motorcycle shop. One of the things they did was tighten up the clutch lever so it had less than 5mm of play as they said it was a bit loose. As soon as I drove away, I found that it made it...
  12. gatdammit

    Gear Shift Lever Rubber Sleeve Fell Off

    The rubber boot on the end of the gear shifter fell off somtime yesterday. I wear steel toe boots when I ride to work and not sure if this was a factor. Not a huge deal, but scuffed my boot up pretty bad. I swapped the rear brake boot to shifter for now.