1. R

    Ducabike rearsets installation manual?

    Anyone have a manual they can share, or tips on putting them together? I can probably figure out most of it just from pictures, but I heard that some of the spacers need to machined for a Hyperstrada (this set came off a Hypermotard)? I just picked up a used set that was completely disassembled...
  2. F

    Service manual download?

    I have the owners and parts manuals on my iPhone but have not found the workshop manual for a 2013 HS.. is there a download version available? Got a link? I found manuals on line for every other bike I've had so believe it must be out there.
  3. A

    Manual fan override switch

    Have any of you installed a manual fan override switch successfully? I would like to be able to turn the fans on manually when I know I'm going to be stuck in traffic. made a switch for the other bikes but I'm not seeing any info on the hyper.
  4. V

    HS manual that actually exists?!

    Hi Girls and guys. I have done a bit of research on here and there is a thread about manuals to download etc. However, non of the links actually work. Can anyone help me please? Thanks Verity
  5. Crazybrother

    Service Manual for 2014 Hyperstrada

    Hey guy's, I just purchased the Service Manual from Ebay and would like to share it if anyone needs it. Here is the link that the seller gave me. It will only be available for a few days. So if someone on here knows how to upload it to this site for us all to use, go ahead...
  6. Jlaf

    Technical manual

    Hello all! Did anyone bought the technical manual (in .pdf) available on ebay? Does it worth it for a guy that want to do most of the mechanical on my HS ? Thank you!
  7. mentalist

    Ducati Hyperstrada 2013 Workshop Service Manual

    Copy of the workshop manual now available on disc on fleabay Ducati Hyperstrada 2013 Workshop Service Manual | eBay
  8. N

    Page 174 of the English Hyperstrada manual states...

    ... "The shock absorber is adjusted by electric impulses sent by the instrument panel to the adjusters inside the shock absorber body." Why would it say that? Did they copy and paste that from another manual? Because I don't think that the HS has active electronics built in to the rear...
  9. Hypermotard

    Service/Repair Manual

    Does anyone already have the service manual for the 2013 hypermotard/strada or knows where I can get it? Can I just order it at the ducati dealer?
  10. F

    Owners manual?

    Just wondering if anyone in Europe has one in electronic format? My bike is due to arrive next week on Wednesday or Thrusday - wahhooo! - and I'd like to take some time in advance to read up on it...but I can't find the manual online anywhere.