1. N

    Ride mode clarification....

    I have been researching the ride modes on my 13 hypermotard and came across a TopSpeed article: "Power modes The Ride-by-Wire system, which is present on all the models in the Hypermotard family, allows 3 different engine mappings to be used to control torque and power: 110 hp with sporting...
  2. N

    Limp mode resolved

    After WAY too long I've finally resolved the limp mode issue on my old 2015 821. The dealer had it since May 2018 and couldn't figure it out, not even with Ducati North America's help. Finally got the bike back from them this week (very unimpressed, they delivered it dirty and with both brakes...
  3. P

    Front wheel air in Sport Mode?

    Anyone have this happen. With bike in Sport mode under hard acceleration the front wheel lifts off the ground up to 4th gear. Isn’t TC supposed to prevent this? Is it because I run the TKC80s?
  4. C

    turned off abs and dtc in sport mode

    I turned it all off, its a whole new bike. Front wheel lifts easy and the back slides real easy. I am not a fan of all the electronics. It could be me but it seems to run stronger with everything off. The flashing abs is annoying, wouldn't you think if I turned it off the light would be off.
  5. G

    Limp mode / restricted power on 13 HS

    So, after buying a 2013 Hyperstrada last month, just been for a 800 mile tour of Scotland. All went well except for on way back on Saturday-bike went in to limp mode, no warning lights or anything but no power. I stopped, switched ignition off and on again and bike was fine again. I have read...
  6. J

    Temporary fix for lost turn signal/ riding mode button

    My turn signal button fell off or broke off while riding on a highway. I use my signals a lot so I probably fatigued the button to a point where it broke off. (lack of use of turn signals is one of my biggest driving pet peeves). I know the signals automatically go off at a certain...
  7. Pinoybear

    Was riding in Urban mode by accident

    I was on t tollway yesterday going the usual 80 (75MPH speed limit) when I saw the bike was in Urban mode. I ride consevatively so the acceleration should have been slower but maybe I didn't notice. But wouldn't the Duc be revving higher at 80MPH than if she was in Touring mode? TIA, Eric
  8. J

    Urban mode

    I have been searching the forum on info on the 'Urban Mode' but haven't found a clear answer. Are there riders who have driven their bike in Urban Mode (only) for a longer time (somehow I doubt it :p) and what is resulting the fuel consumption of the bike then ? Best regards ... jef
  9. S

    Sport and Touring mode

    I would like to know how you perceived the different modes. My opinion: Touring mode Good torque in middle rpm range. Sport mode Not so good torque in the middle rpm range as Touring mode. Maybe more power at high rpm on first and second gears. I am actually not sure what this mode delivers...
  10. usmcstrada

    Limp mode?

    I just wanted to share my situation. Leave house in sport mode. I go slow in the neighboorhood since it is 5:30 in the morning and I want to be quiet, mayb3 3000 rpm max. I turn onto arterial street and try to accelerate and shift into second. It just lugs. I try more throttle and it stays...