1. M

    Wanting to buy replacement shifter and brake pedal

    Bent and fixed the brake pedal and then bent the shifter pedal, Looking to buy replacement options.
  2. thePUNISHER

    Shifter toe peg?!?

    So just wondering if anyone can tell me if that part is available by itself or if I'll have to buy the whole shift lever assembly? Dropped the bike today. Thankfully the slider did it's job but there was some damage. See attached pics. I can get the whole assembly for around $120 but I was...
  3. A

    Ceramic bearings pivot shifter mod

    Screwing around with my highly modified Chinese shift lever. I wanted to eliminate any and all side to side play and twisting play so I started searching for a bearing that would fit instead of the bushing. The hole is 15mm. The bearings I found are ceramic with an outer diameter of 16mm($10 for...
  4. A

    Chinese shifter modified with a homemade billet arm

    Bought this lever a while back and have been using it without issue after doing the mods I covered in the past but the shifter tip needs to be as far back as it can go for me to be comfortable and alot of material hangs off past the lever tip and looks funny so I decided to brush off the old...
  5. SamUk

    New gear shifter

    Hi Guys, I have managed to bend my gear shifter so looking for an aftermarket one that isn't much more than £100.00, preferably foldaway. Any suggestions? Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk