1. MartyGarrison

    939 Skid Plate?

    I've been looking for a while. Any ideas?
  2. R


    For sale is the skid plate I had on my '13 Hyperstrada. I believe the brand is motorrad-planet. I ordered it from Germany. It's sturdy (can lift the bike on it) and is made of pretty thick aluminum. Weighs just under 4 pounds. Good condition. Has some scuffs but has never taken an impact while...
  3. MartyGarrison

    Hyperstanda 939 Skid Plate

    Folks is there anything out there to replace the plastic skid plate on the HS 939? I've researched and it appears SW or Alt Rider only provide plates for the Hypermotard? Any suggestions would be appreciated! I'm preparing to do a mixed tour this spring and summer and really don't trust the...
  4. N

    Skid plate for a 2015 HM?

    Hi All, I know a few on here have taken these bikes off-road. I'm planning to do something stupid (participate in a local dual sport clinic) later this month and the event organizer has recommended a skid plate, though he notes that they have had the odd sport bike / cruiser join in the past...
  5. RSL

    950 Multi Enduro Skid Plate

    Wonder if it fits the other 821s and 939s?
  6. O

    Hyperstrada SW Motech Engine Skid Plate FS

    sorry! Sold
  7. A

    Hyperstrada Skid Plate?

    I'm thinking about getting a skid plate. Anybody try the one from SW-Motech? Looks pretty sweet on the motard...