1. O

    Sport Touring Advice

    I've owned by Hyper for only a couple months and it's the most smile per mile bike i've owned and I've owned A LOT OF BIKES! However, I plan to ride to Sturgis next summer from the west coast and need advice from long time Hyper Owners IF it's possible to set the bike up for the distance and is...
  2. R

    2019 Michaux Dual Sport Adv Ride on HS

    Hi, Travis Neel from Philly here. I just bought a '13 HS and was thinking to do a min set of mods so I can hit the dirt roads for the 2019 Michaux Dual Sport event - they are adding a 2 day Adv Bike ride on Michaux dirt roads and surrounding pavement. What do you all think? (Tires) I don't want...
  3. P

    Front wheel air in Sport Mode?

    Anyone have this happen. With bike in Sport mode under hard acceleration the front wheel lifts off the ground up to 4th gear. Isn’t TC supposed to prevent this? Is it because I run the TKC80s?
  4. RSL

    Comparison of Dual Sport Bikes

    Found this over on AdvRider.
  5. P

    Pirelli DR3 or Metzeler sport tech M7RR?

    It's down to these two to replace the still near new stock Scorpion trails of which I've heard some horror stories, like on hot roads they turn to oil...:eek: It doesn't ever get legit cold here in Brisbane in winter and summer gets lethally hot. So I'm thinking maybe the Diablos...? :confused:
  6. F

    Strada/Motard sport seat or Corbin

    Was wondering if some of you living in the Toronto / Orangeville/ Guelph area have a sport seat or Corbin I can try on? I want to see which one I should buy next.
  7. F

    Dual Sport Tires

    I'm running TKC 80 Conti . Are there any 180/ 17's out yet that I don't know about . Hiedeniau or Mitas ???
  8. C

    turned off abs and dtc in sport mode

    I turned it all off, its a whole new bike. Front wheel lifts easy and the back slides real easy. I am not a fan of all the electronics. It could be me but it seems to run stronger with everything off. The flashing abs is annoying, wouldn't you think if I turned it off the light would be off.
  9. beef tits

    Sport Classic GT1000 or new Scrambler?!

    So, I might be in the market for a cafe-style town bike. The Sport Classics seem to be going up in price & value... a Used GT1000 is right around the out-the-door price of a new Scrambler. ($11-13k) Do you guys think the GT1000s will continue to gain value? The Scramblers surely will not...
  10. S

    Sport and Touring mode

    I would like to know how you perceived the different modes. My opinion: Touring mode Good torque in middle rpm range. Sport mode Not so good torque in the middle rpm range as Touring mode. Maybe more power at high rpm on first and second gears. I am actually not sure what this mode delivers...
  11. S

    VFR rider looking for a new sport tourer

    As the title says, I've been riding numerous Honda V4's over the past few years and I feel it's time for a change. The Hyperstrada looks really good and checks all the boxes. Looking forward to reviews soon to see what people think of it.