1. S

    Hyperstrada- Sunday Scratcher ?

    If you take all the panniers and crap off the Strada, are they good fun for ripping around the countryside on a Sunday with your mates ? I used to have the Hypermotard many years ago and that was ok to be fair, but is the Strada a sort of `toned down ` version ? Will it still perform as a good...
  2. DaveTheYank

    Sunday ride near Brisbane, Australia

    I picked up my new Strada 939 last Wednesday, and apart from riding it home from the dealer and a couple of laps around the neighbourhood, I hadn't had a chance to ride it properly until yesterday. I was joined by fellow forum member heckelmeister (with all the juicy gadgets, check out the...
  3. Roadstergal

    Apparently, there was some sort of sports event in the Bay Area on Sunday

    which meant that the mountain roads were quiet. M'boy and I did the standard ride - Skyline to La Honda, Pescadero to the coast. A little traffic, but nothing near what you'd usually see on such a nice weekend. Nobody on Pescadero at all.
  4. RoadChick

    Imperial Beach to Borrego Easter Sunday

    Great ride and weather Sunday from IB to Borrego. New shoes, Q3's don't hurt either!
  5. zippy49

    Another great Sunday

    A quick one...rode my Strada to breakfast at the Lookout with my friend Cam on the '09 R6 I sold him. Was my first time on a bike since my cataract surgery. Been more than a month. We left right at dawn, to beat the heat. I'm seeing better than I have in many years. No more annoying...