2013 821 HS gone haywire - help..

Jun 2019
I was out riding today and suddenly my HS started flashing lights in the display and whent into limp mode.. In limp mode the display continued with it`s flashing and no information was shown(speed/revcounter) rear indikator lights and rear light also flashed and the front head light turned off..
It is on a trailer now, as it did not start when i killed it.
When I turn the key the cooling fan starts and the display starts flashing again.
Jun 2019
The workshop said that the diagnostics tool could not reach the ECU. It said the ECU was in off mode.
I guess I can assume that the ECU is gone..as you put it: bummer...
The workshop here can not help me before august(they could only help me read the error codes, due to that they are fully booked), is this something I can change my self?
I recon it is plug and pray, but is there some programming that needs to be done?
A big part of the season goes down the drain, if I have to wait until August...
Mar 2013
Naples, IT
It would be the first total ECU failure I've read about on this site.
I would at least push the shop to check that it's not a broken wire
Easy to replace - sits in front of battery and has 2 large wire loom connectors
$1,968.61...more bummer