For Sale 2013 Hypermotard 821 SP and many extras - Phoenix area

Feb 2018
Scottsdale AZ
Hello Everyone,

I've listed this locally for $7750, but definitely willing to work on asking price with the members here.

Fully adjustable front and rear suspension with Andreani front cartridges and Ohlins rear. Just had the entire suspension serviced with new fork seals etc. by Fast Bike Industries, they also lowered the rear and front by 25mm (roughly 1 inch) for better handling and fit (according to their recommendations, which I completely agree with). Handling is absolutely sublime and I can finally touch down with booth feet comfortably. As you may know, the hypermotard SP is sprung very high so that was also addressed. Front spring rate is 8.3 from 8.8 with 100nm rear from 110 (for those that care) the 100nm stock will also be provided. Invoice will be provided.

Over $3,000 in extras, some include heated grips, Ducati Panniers and mounting hardware, tall (touring) and short windshields, SC Project exhaust (OEM included), safety/fog lights, LED headlight.......
ABS, traction control, 3 ride modes (all adjustable and the same as a Panigale), Marchesini wheels, tons of carbon and son on with good tires.

If interested, please PM me.




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