Ceramic bearings pivot shifter mod

Sep 2017
Lansing Mi
Screwing around with my highly modified Chinese shift lever. I wanted to eliminate any and all side to side play and twisting play so I started searching for a bearing that would fit instead of the bushing. The hole is 15mm. The bearings I found are ceramic with an outer diameter of 16mm($10 for 5 of them). I took the lever to the mill and opened the hole up .5-.8mm . I left the bushing in to give the bearing a stopping point on either side(that way I have more options for bolts). I had to make a center spacer for between the 2 bearings as well as find a washer/spacer small enough to allow the clamping pressure to only focus on the center race of the bearing. The bolt I used is from a brembo 4 piston caliper, it was originally ment to hold the 2 halves of the caliper together so I'm confident in its holding ability. My goal was achieved. Zero twisting play and zero in n out play. It is has a very smooth movement as well. We will see how it rides to work. It may not be the most pretty but when I get a new oven i will powder coat it and it will look very pretty.


Jun 2014
This got me thinking about the heim joints in the linkages and their implication in providing some play. No answers there, but in inspecting my levers I noticed the rear brake was way to loose - so thanks :)