Clutch Adjustment

Oct 2016
San Francisco
So the recent thread on clutch lever adjustment prompted me to ask this. I am still sitting on my 821 which I'll sell soon. After taking it to my trusted mechanic (not the dealership) for a pre-sale service I noticed the clutch engaged about midway through the lever release. After adjusting to it on the ride home I really like this setup as I can manage the clutch with two fingers. On my SP the clutch has always engaged much closer to the bars, in fact, it starts to grab after the level is less than an inch off the grip. I've tried adjusting the cable, but I can only get a little improvement with all the slack removed which leaves the clutch slightly engaged as evidenced by trouble getting it into neutral when cold. Is there adjustment I can do where the cable attaches to the clutch arm (if that's the name for it) to change where it engages within the lever throw?
Jun 2014
There is a secondary adjuster about midway down the cable - I think you have to pull the little black plastic blanking plate off to get access. I set my handlebar adjuster at a middle point and adjust at the secondary adjuster to get close to where I want to go (maybe 2mm of slack), and use the handlebar adjuster to fine tune. One way I know I'm good is that neutral is easy to find. If you do major adjustment at the handlebar, it doesn't seem to work well.
Mar 2013
Naples, IT
Like I stated in the other thread, when I had the cable clutch setup and adjusted lever to my preferred engagement point, I would lose easy neutral selection. When I adjusted back to factory (2-3mm of free play), neutral was easy to find. I also noticed that checking and adjusting/ tightening the gear selector was a factor with neutral and shifting in general. Mine tends to slack out after a couple thousand miles and I have to readjust.