Ducati Hypermotard 821 clutch fix - the definitive guide

Feb 2020
Pacific NW
I don't have shop space, tools, or experience to do this sort of job so I just had the dealer do it. Definitely not the cheap way to do the work, though.
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Apr 2017
Signed up for an account just to comment on this long-running thread. I have a 2013 Hyperstrada and just rode the bike back from the shop after having the clutch replaced. I had sent the dealer service department this thread -- they were skeptical but agreed to give it a try. Sure enough, the stock clutch was missing the large washers, and replacing the clutch with the current version made a huge difference. I'm very happy with the result and strongly recommend this fix. Cost was ~$800 parts + labor to have the work done by an authorized dealer service department.
Awesome, glad you like the change!


Jan 2018
Thank you Bayotte.

My input after completing the job:

Avoid removing clutch basket by tying the plates together with dental string. Remove before fully compressing the springs.

Use long M5 bolts to pull the springs down until two of the standard ones reach.

Option C for the kit installation appears to feel best at the lever. I know this may not be representative of riding but audibly is less fussy in the clutch pack.

Do remove brake pedal.

Unscrew line of lower bolts from horizontal belt cover and just the forward bolt from the little joint cover. This gives enough play.