Headlight bulb issue

Feb 2018
Scottsdale AZ
That's great! Glad it worked out and also awesome that you reported back. One thing I forgot to mention is some people had to adjust the headlight throw, I did have to raise the low beam slightly to match the stock throw, but ymmv.
Sep 2018
Netaron, since mentioning the throw, I did take it out last night far a run. Until full darkness, I couldn't see a difference when I switched to high beam. I know it's not upside down, and for sure is brighter when I stand in front. After dark,in the woods, I see that the beam is hitting the bottom of the trees! Did not expect that.
Got home and could not get it adjusted down. Check some threads here and there was mention of shimming the top,but that would bring the light higher I believe.
I removed the bulb to make sure the bulb was sitting ok, but the 2 lock studs had broken off. Maybe from the pressure of the dust cover. So, lets try the other, since they are a set, and bulb 2 does not come on. Other bulb still works, stock one still works, but this one is dead.
Insert old stock bulb, re-align to spec, and send the whole lot back for a refund. Glad you like them, the color and intensity were very good, just did not agree with me.
I run Flux Beam in my car with great results. I found that they do sell a replacement H4 for motorcycles so I'm ordering one this week. Way more $ but if anything like my others, it's worth it.
I'll be happy to report my results next weekend.
Side note: Flux lights for my car came with a capacitor that I did not need, so I now have a " Flux Capacitor" hanging over my workbench.
Aug 2019
OP's bulb design vs the other replacement led

Hi A total amateur observation.

The original posters bulb seems more like a home open light fixture bulb given that the heat fins are right on the bulbs back! That would trap heat in the housing of the bike head light, where as the replacements posted had the heat fins on the outside of the housing, which make better common sense, to better cool the bulb and keep it alive longer instead of letting the heat accumulate and kill the bulb and perhaps endanger the housing as well. Just my 2 cents and probably worth even less!
Oct 2016
San Francisco
How's the pattern / cut off? I've heard in some cases you have to shift the bulb back a bit to get the proper throw from the headlight reflector? Also, does all this fit inside the housing with the cap on?
Sep 2018
This is the unit I ended up with. I've used these on my car for the last couple of years with no issues. Always on for 2-3 hrs a day.
Well built anodized aluminum with a built in cooling fan. Directions say to cut a hole in the dust cover, but there is plenty of room for the fan to move air, and big enough capsule. I didn't put holes in my cars either.
Super easy install, minor adjustment up for me.
Brighter and cleaner beam. White with VERY slight blue tint. I only have my eyes to judge by,but I think it's worth it.
Little pricey at $64 + tax EACH. You can order from OPT7 through Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071K15VNB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1