Help me find the source of a rattle...

Jun 2018
Just got a 2013 Hyperstrada, and in the last few days I've noticed a very annoying rattle. When between 3.5k and about 5k revs, I hear a rattle. Sort of sounds like change jingling in your pocket, or a set of keys or something - basically metal lightly vibrating against metal.

I'm 90% sure I never heard this when I first got the bike - and when I did it had to go back to Ducati for some work so I'm wondering would it be because of that.

Or is this just how it sounds? I find it very annoying. Must be loud enough if I can hear it over the wing and exhaust noise.

Any idea where it may be coming from?
Jan 2015
in which situation does it rattle ?
lower revs and full throttle ?
high revs ?
slowing down ?

as we do not hear the noise and do not have a crystal ball it's quite hard to do a remote diagnosis.

can you record the noise and put it on youtube ?
does it occur in idle also ?
Mar 2013
Naples, IT
The heat shield pictured above is notorious for rattles. The bolts use a semi-rigid washer that wears out fast. I ordered a dozen of them when I first found it. Honestly, that heat shield also fades to a purplish color so worth replacing it with the carbon fiber version.

It's a rattle prone bike. It doesn't purr, it's growls.
Apr 2017
Yup, mine had a loose heat shield too. While you're at it, check the rear lower splash guard, those bolts are frequently loose as well.
Jul 2014
A good way to find rattles, as silly as it may sound, is to hit parts of the bike with a rubber or plastic mallet. The impulse excites all natural frequencies and will make things rattle if they're going to rattle (even if for a fraction of a second). I found a very sneaky rattle in my car this way which turned out to be a metal clip floating around in the air vents.
Mar 2015
Similar type rattle, chased it for months.....was the heat shield. Fitted an extra washer, all good.

Happened when the bike warmed up, cold was ok.
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Jun 2018
Thanks all. I just checked the heat shield and it seems rock solid. I'll give the rubber hammer a go - not sure what else I can check really...

Ferdi these are good questions I'll try to figure them out and get back to you
Oct 2015
Check the heat shield that covers the rear header under the fuel tank. And also check the little plastic cover over the license plate light, might be surprising but it can make a pretty loud rattle.
Feb 2017
Yesterday I was washing my bike and I found some sources of your rattle :

1 Rear foot pegs
2 licence plate cover
3 Rear tire cover

Those threee make some rattle if you move them

I do not hear any while riding but with the bike stand still if you move them they rattle.