Hyperstrada Photo Thread

Jun 2017
Merced CA
I almost posted similar today. Was going to say it was quite.
Not rode in a few weeks due to being offshore working, bitter winter here now in the UK, but I'll still be riding once im home, booked an advanced 6 day road master training with Rapid training. Looking fwd to it. They are mainly police advanced riders passing on their road craft. Will be going out over several weeks.
Nice! I've been considering an intermediate riders training course as well or maybe some track day instruction but with a toddler at home I barely have time to go for a couple rides a month, much less spend several days at a time riding.
Mar 2020
Norway, Oslo
Greetings from Norway.
Found this forum now when I searched clutch "problem" with my Hyperstrada, and saw the post with upgrading to '15 clutch pack. Great!

Couple of photoes of mine alongside my dad's Multistrada 1200S. (Which he sold and bought a 939Hypermotard/Strada instead)