Hyperstrada problem list

Apr 2015
so from reading around on the site it seems like these bikes have lots of issues? whats everything that normally fails on these things and what years are the worst?
Feb 2015
Ventura, CA
the high beam failed on mine when it was a week old. I replaced the bulb and haven't had any issues of any kind since.
Jan 2015
From personal experience:

Slight weeping front the front brake fluid reservoir
Flaky starter motor
Undiagnosed (as yet) piston slap type noise from horizontal cylinder

Be nice to see a list, and possibly links or description of fixes as a centralized resource..
Aug 2013
Canada, Ottawa

-Front disc brakes warped within two weeks. Calipers were to tight.
-Kickstand sensor malfunction.
-Front light bulbs out twice. (don't even last a single year)
Jan 2015
Looking good guys! I've started to compile the data into a list:


- Front bulbs blowing in less than adequate service life (Bulb replacement - under warranty?)
- Flaky starter motor (Replacement under warranty)
- Kickstand sensor malfunction


- Front disc brakes warped (Calipers were to tight)
- Weeping seal on front brake fluid reservoir


- Engine knock/piston slap from horizontal cylinder (insufficent lubrication?)
Jul 2014

-Starter motor degradation - replaced under warranty
-Throttle unit issue - replaced under warranty


-Brake "pump" caliper seal stiction - "that's normal"
-Squealing/pulsating pads


-Cracked midpipe weld - replaced under warranty
Apr 2013
my experience : brighter is the light, darker is the shadow

Hyperstrada May 2013:
all reported issues within the first 8 months
1/ dead bike : ECU update fixed /warranty
2/ clutch cable broken at lever: replaced / warranty ( new part number for the cable)
3/ lost one central stand bolt : replaced /warranty (replaced both with stronger locktite)
4/ dead bike: electrical: ecu replaced, two coils replaced , dashboard replaced /warranty ( one coil was the issue: new part numbers, replaced boths)
5/ steering bearings dead: replaced / warranty ( was causing front brake pulsation)
6/ front bulb dead: replaced /warranty
7/ front left turn bulb: replaced fixed wiring placement /warranty
8/ two recall under warranty, bearing seal install (too late as bearings were deads) and ECU update

Since more than one year runs like a swiss watch, no issues, and still a lot of pleasure to run a bike like this.
I have the chance to have one of the best dealer in the area, very efficient and responsive. First time i was stalled by another D store who "had no time to take care about my problem". I called my dealer to report the situation, 10 mn later, the ducati big boss called directly this dealer manager, and stayed on phone until i was able to take the bike back.
( known issue: ECU update and bike sensors calibration: fixed in 10 mn)

I think that all reported issues were 'common' issue for the first 2013 serie.
All are fixed today. And this is a fantastic bike, with ballistic acceleration, and very safe behavior in all situation:
I did thanks the active DTC / ABS and breaking power action in several situations, where with another bike I think I would have crashed.
Bike is 24000 km today, and i am using it each day all year, and despite the reported issues, as said in the title : brighter is the light, darker is the shadow, but i definitely prefer riding a ducati with its sparkling characters, and have fun and pleasure each time you hit the start button , rather than using whatever you might think it can be compared to the Hyper.

One last thing: fiability depends also from the way you use and take care of the bike, and the time you spend sometimes to put some lub around will always be paid in return, and that is true for all bikes.
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