Mini-review: Multistrada 950


Nov 2016
I took my bike in for its 600 mi service and got a 950 Multistrada as a loaner.

A little background: I had a 2014 Multistrada S Touring that I took in for warranty work late last year and the dealer gave me a Hyperstrada as a loaner. I loved it so much that I put my Multi up for sale to buy the Hyper. Well, it took several months to sell the Multi, but just before it sold, they sold both of their Hypers:( The dealer searched and found a new 939 Hyperstrada that I now proudly own:)

Anyway, back to the story...

The 950 Multi is big, really big. Seems even bigger than my 1200S. it is ponderous at low speeds, and squirrely at moderate speeds. The engine doesn't seem to have the same punch and interactive response as my Hyper (could be the weight differential). You sit way far back and reach way forward to the bars and scrunch your knees with the ridiculously low seat height. On the plus side, wind protection is like a big touring bike, however heat management really sucks - nowhere as good as the 1200S let alone the Hyper.

I really don't get why Ducati punted the hyper in favor of this porcine beast. It really doesn't feel like a Ducati - more like an older gen Triumph. I suppose that it will appeal to non-ducati types just like the Tenere (what a pig).

I would NEVER buy this bike, there are so many better options (Tiger 800, Capo Nord, to name two).

I haven't ridden the new Supersport, but a good friend made similar comparisons staying that he "just didn't get it".

I'm just glad I got the Hyperstrada when I did.
Jul 2014
Interesting, the Multi 950 really looked appealing to me. I like the idea of being inside the bike rather than on top of it.

Seems the handling is pretty weird. The razor sharp hyper handling sure is nice :) Thanks for the review.
May 2015
Had the hyper Strada since 2014 just tradet it in for left over 2018 spoked wheels Multistrada, what can I say heavy compared to hyper but what a ride, smooth and comfortable.
My hyper was close to 18000 and front suspension was leaking chain and sprockets needed replacement so I did not want to pay close to $4000.
Enjoy your hype Strada cause it’s well built machine mine never gave a problem.